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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Photo from Thunder's Arena

So, it's a holiday.  Let's take a brief moment and reflect on how our year has been so far:

I am grateful for the times I have been able to spend with my gay wrestling brothers.  My everyday life can sometimes be a little bit of a drag.  I often have work and family commitments that keep me from doing the things I would like to do.  The times I have spent locked up, arms inter-twined, sweat dripping from my body, chest-to-chest or groin-to-groin has been among the best times I have spent this year.

I am grateful that I am healthy enough to take part in wrestling.  A lot of guys my age could not, due to heart problems or any number of other factors.  I am extremely lucky.

I am grateful that I have the economic resources to be able to travel even as much as I do.  Wrestling is an expensive sport because the guys we want to wrestle rarely live close by.  We have to travel, whether by car or plane, to other cities.  Hotels and meals cost money.  I have been able to take several great wrestling trips this year, and I am very blessed in that regard.

I am grateful to the guys that I have met.  Without exception, everyone I have wrestled this year (okay, one exception), has been a fun, exciting, and sexy opponent.  I hope I get a chance to wrestle them all one more time (at least)!

And lastly, I am grateful that I am involved in this particular fetish.  There are a lot of worse fetishes to be obsessed with.  Think about it.  Shoes. Squashing bugs.  We could be involved in a lot worse.  Our sub-culture is based on physical fitness, masculine bonding, sweat and strength - virtues that define what a man can and should be.  Those are good things.  We need to embrace them even more fully than we do.

So, I am grateful.  Happy Labor Day and I hope you and I meet on the mats soon - man-to-man.


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