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Friday, September 21, 2012

Wrestling Week - Part II

So Wrestling Week continues to roll on, and things have been going great.  Wednesday night I wrestled the Grizz from St. Louis.  Now Grizz always gets to town sort of late.  This time it was around 7:00.  That may not sound late to you guys, but I have a disabled niece living with me that has to be gotten up early and taken to school.  So, I can't stay out late wrestling. 

But, I arrived at the Grizz's hotel room which he promptly turned into an arena, and we went at it.  That was some of the most sustained and intense wrestling I've done in a while.  Grizz isn't much on erotic, so it was real competition and fun.  He's bigger than me, but knows how to roll with a smaller guy.

Of course, Grizz has lost some weight and is looking good.  I was surprised when I ran into him in the lobby.  He's my height and from behind, he looks so little.  But front on - he's still a big tough guy.

The photos I've posted show me as of this morning (September 21st).  If you look carefully, you can see the bruises that I've accumulated so far this week.  Nothing bad.  Just superficial black marks.

These singlet pics show me preparing to battle wrestlesweat, from San Fransisco.  He and I are all set up for an epic wrestling eroto-match this afternoon and evening.  I'm excited.  I've always admired his profile pics and can't wait to test myself against him in some hard-core oil wrestling.  I will take pictures.  I promise.

Otherwise, it's been an odd week.  Some of you may have seen that my pictures (with Mr. Colorado) were featured on the homepage at  That was nice, and also kind of a problem.  I got around 200 emails as a result of that.  I feel obligated to answer each one, so that has occupied a fair amount of my time this week. 

On another front, I tried out a new website called Scruff.  It's an app that you load to your iPhone and/or iPad.  It's basically a gay dating/hook-up site but it is geared towards more masculine guys. 

I posted a profile and was really upfront about wanting to wrestle.  I have at least three guys who've expressed an interest in wrestling.  Now, will any of these guys actually go through with it?  One is really enthusiastic.  Another has set up a gym date with me.  And another says he is, but I'm not sure.

You might try Scruff.  It's okay, although I have had quite a few guys write to me that did not read the profile.  When I mentioned wrestling, they did not respond back.  It's just as well.  Their humiliation would have been complete at my hands.  [Insert evil laughter...]

Just kidding.  I'll let you know how it goes with wrestlesweat.  And with my DC friend who I am all set to meet tomorrow morning. 

Wrestling Week continues...!!!

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