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Monday, September 17, 2012

Wrestling Week

Move over "Shark Week."  It's time for "Wrestling Week," a whole week of wrestling matches with hot guys and hot action.

Okay, that may be a bit of hyperbole, but that's how it's been so far. 

I went to Memphis this weekend to meet up with a guy from Nashville, a guy from Colorado and a guy from Atlanta.  We got a couple of rooms at a hotel in Germantown and wrestled.

The photo above is of me (on top) getting worked over by Colorado.  Now, before you ask, he said it was okay to show his face.  I bet quite a few of you guys know him - a great guy and fun to wrestle.  As you can see, he was giving me some trouble.

But, to begin at the beginning - I arrived Saturday afternoon and checked into the hotel. Soon after, Nashville arrived.  He is taller than me by an inch or so, very lean, and quite muscled.  I could tell that he was built even with his shirt on.  He had sinewy, muscled forearms.  Not a huge guy, just well-built and very lean.

He and I hit it off from the start.  There was that elusive chemistry we all want in a match, and Nashville and I hit the mats (the bed at first) and wrestled a while, before dragging the mattress into the other room and wrestling there.  Then, because we were that motivated, we stripped down and oil wrestled.  Below is a pic of Nashville wrestling with Atlata.  Nashville is on the right.  I am deeply disappointed that we did not take any pics of Nashville and me together.  But we were distracted.

The matches between Nashville and I were exactly the type of matches I like.  We were very evenly matched, so no one completely dominated the other.  He would pin me and work me over, and then I would escape and pin him.  He liked body blows, and I delivered those as often as I was in a position to do so.  Although, I should mention, he really likes gut punching and had the hardest and most defined abs.  I hit him pretty hard, but it didn't faze him one bit.

After Nashville and I had wrestled for about two and half hours, Colorado came over and we talked a bit.  Then, after a quick bite to eat, we wrestled.  Nashville and Colorado wrestled first, then I jumped in and wrestled Colorado.  Most of the pics are from my matches with Colorado.

Then, Atlanta showed up and we all four wrestled.  Atlanta is very lean.  He weighs (he said) about 145 pounds but, man, was he strong.  He had previously weighed around 180 but had had some physical problems (a car wreck for one).  Still, he was very skilled and a lot of fun to wrestle.  He was extremely funny, and told a lot of hilarious stories about his life in a small southern town (I could relate).

Atlanta had really come down to wrestle with Colorado, so we wound up pairing off - Atlanta and Colorado in one room and me and Nashville in another.  Even though Nashville and I were pretty worn out--it was around midnight--we wrestled around in bed and had a good time before falling asleep in each others arms.

I am so sorry I did not get more photos.   Sometimes when you are in the heat of a match or series of matches, you just don't think.  I didn't.

Here's the schedule for the rest of Wrestling Week.

Wednesday:  The Grizz from St. Louis.

Friday:  Wrestlesweat from San Francisco.  I am really looking forward to meeting him.  I have admired his profile for years!  There will be pics, I promise!!!

Saturday:  From DC--my friend I have been attempting to meet and wrestle for...oh...I dunno...maybe five years?  Will the match finally take place?  Will I out-muscle him, or will I be forced to submit?

Stay tuned!!!

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