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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Wrestling Week?

It's been about thirteen weeks since I started working out and eating differently.  I started at 142 pounds and am now at 152 pounds.  My goal is 155 pounds, so I'm getting close. 

Honestly, sometimes I can't tell any difference, but I am lifting far heavier weights than I was when I started.  So, I'm getting stronger. 

Last week was sort of a mini-Wrestling Week.  I wrestled two guys - one I told you about in my last two posts.  The other I wrestled last Sunday.  He lives in my home town, and I met him off Meetfighters (not Globalfight).  He lives fairly close to me and has his own home - two very big pluses.  He's not in outstanding shape, but he's thin and a really nice guy.  I liked him.

I'm not sure if it was just because it was our first time, but we did not wrestle very hard.  It was mainly just rolling around.  Still, I had a good time and I will go back and wrestle with him again.

I also, sort of, messed around with a guy whom I've been seeing off-and-on for the last year or so.  He is a little younger than me, in very good shape, and extremely enthusiastic in bed.  I've told him about my interest in wrestling, and he has been very keen to hear more and to even participate. 

He even bought a singlet which he modeled for me the other day.  He certainly fills it out, and you should see what he looks like from behind.  Not only does he have a great ass, but he has the most magnificent shoulders.  He's shorter than me, but his shoulders are broad and well-defined with deep cuts. 

I haven't wrestled him yet,  but I'm working on getting up my nerve to do so.  I think he's quite a bit stronger than me, so if I do wrestle him, he'll probably over-power me in no time flat. 

I'm not exactly sure why I'm so reticent to wrestle this guy.  He's handsome and nicely built.  He likes me and is so willing to accommodate me and my likes.  I think the issue is that I suspect that he will just pin me right off and I won't have a chance with him.  I'm not sure how I'll like that.  I generally don't like to just be beaten.  I like to at least have the illusion that I can hold my own with a guy.  I'm just not sure he'll understand that.

So, I haven't wrestled him.  Not yet.  But I am thinking about it.