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Sunday, October 21, 2012

College Wrestling

You guys already know that I am nuts about college wrestling.  And, with the falling leaves, College Wrestling is just around the corner. 

In fact, in early November, the All-star Tournament will take place (I think in Las Vegas).  It will feature a number of great match-ups, but none have my attention like the Kyle Dake/David Taylor match.

If you've read any of my past posts, you've read about how David Taylor was pinned last summer by his best friend Kyle Dake.  The picture above is from the start of that match.  Taylor is on the right in his snazzy matching singlet and custom-made wrestling shoes.  Dake is on the left looking like he just slipped on whatever singlet came to mind. 

Taylor is a great wrestling story.  Good-looking and extremely talented, he was called the "Baby-faced Assassin" in high school because he looked so young but so often pinned or tech falled his opponents.  Taylor won everything in high school.  Multiple state championships and many national championships.  But college has been tough on him.

In his first year of competition, Taylor won every single match he wrestled except his final match at the NCAAs against Bubba Jenkins of Arizona State.  Bubba, a former teammate of Taylor's, caught David and pinned him before a gasping crowd.  I was there, and it took me about five months to get over that.

Last year, Taylor again won every match - this time including his NCAA final.  But then, last summer, he wrestled his best friend at the Olympics Trials.  Again, Taylor was pinned.

Kyle Dake, the best friend in question, is also an amazing wrestler.  He has won three straight NCAA championships, each one at a different weight.  And, it looks like he and David will both be wrestling at 165 pounds this year.  So, I expect to see them wrestle not only at the All-star Tournament, but at the Southern Scuffle, and at the NCAAs.  David has to find a way to battle back against Dake's greater strength and unbelievable flexibility.  Or, it may wind up with David, on his back, his blond best friend flexing and posing over him. 

Either way, I will be there to see it.  And I can't wait.

In the meantime, I intend to recreate my own college wrestling matches with as many guys as possible.  Are you gonna be one of them?  I'm weighing in at 154 this morning.  Getting bigger every week.  And I'm ready to get hot, and sweaty and exhausted with you on the mats.  Now.


  1. i will wrestle you and when i am pinning you, your face will be smothered in my hairy chest and i'll squeeze your balls real hard!!!!!!!!!!!