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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Grading My Wrestling Matches for 2012 (So far)

I was thinking the other day about all the guys I have wrestled this year, and I was wondering, how many of those matches I would consider to be "good."

By "good," I mean satisfying, fun, sexually exciting, or just generally worth it.  So, what I did was make a list of all the guys I've wrestled (some of which I have wrestled more than once this year) and gave each guy a score from 1 (bad) to 5 (great) in five categories:

  • Appearance
  • Attitude
  • Quality of the match
  • Was there sex?
  • Would I wrestle him again?

Now, please, don't write to me and ask for names, or for your score.  I will not provide that information.  This is intended not to pass judgment on individual wrestlers so much as to give me an idea of how my wrestling as gone over-all.  Obviously, you guys who have been reading my posts this year already know that I've had a few bad experiences.  But, conversely, you know that I've had some really great ones, too.

First of all, how many guys are we talking about?  I counted each guy once (even if I wrestled them more than once) and came up with twenty-three guys.  That seems like a pretty high number for a dope like me stranded in a small southern town.  I think I have gotten to wrestle that many guys because I've been willing to travel (to Chicago, St. Louis, and Memphis).  But, several guys have come to town to wrestle me - and I am very, very grateful for it.

Since a 5 represents the top score a guy can get in a category and there are five categories, a twenty-five is a perfect score.  And there were several perfect scores.  I count five of them.  These were guys who had great bodies (for me - based on my entirely subjective opinion), great attitudes, who either were a pretty even match for me or were willing to work with me to make it seem so, there was sex (of some sort) and I would willingly wrestle them again.

There were several great matches I had that suffered in their total scores because we did not have sex or because the guy might not be that great looking.  But, attitude, sex, and quality of wrestling easily make up for lack of a buff bod.

Then there were quite a few matches where we just didn't hit it off, or the wrestling was too one-sided.  There was one guy I wrestled this year who had the attitude and the look, but was just too strong for me and not willing to give me any slack at all.

Finally there were a few matches where there was no sex, the guy did not look good, he had a lousy attitude, and\or there was no sex.  Not many, but a few. 

Here's the general breakdown:

Score 20-25  12 matches  52%
          10-19  5 matches    22%
          6-9      2 matches    9%
          0-5      4 matches    17%

So, what am I (and you) to glean from this exercise?

The vast majority of the time (74%) the resulting match is good and well worth the effort in time and money.  Of those, the majority are great matches - the kind you want to re-live over and over.

Some matches are just okay (9%) and some (17%) are not very good.  That means that (very) roughly, 4 out of every 5 matches are at least passable.  Pretty good odds, actually.

And, one last thing: is it just me, or is my bicep getting bigger?

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