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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meeting at the Gym

Another pic of Pablo Papovitch. 

Time for a story.

I agreed to meet him at the gym.  I really wasn't sure exactly what he looked like.  I'd seen several photos of him that he'd sent to me online, but he looked markedly different from one picture to another.  I assumed that some were older and some were more recent.  Either way, he appeared to be very well-built.  Around two hundred-and-twenty pounds, and maybe five nine. 

I am considerably smaller than him.  At five seven and one-fifty, I am almost seventy pounds lighter than him.  We did not have plans to wrestle--according to what he'd told me, he'd never wrestled.  But we were going to work out together.  I anticipated that he would be able to lift much higher weights than me.

I arrived on time, and saw him sitting in the lobby of the gym, dressed in jeans and a pressed red-and-white shirt.  He was handsome, with a shaved head and a short beard.  He had a nice smile, and we shook hands while surreptitiously giving each other the once over.  I got the distinct impression that he was not too impressed with me.

We went downstairs and got undressed.  He was pretty fucking huge, size-wise.  He was built close to the ground, stocky, with a slightly hairy chest.  He talked easily, making small talk.  We walked up to the weight room.

We had agreed earlier that we would work on arms.  I think he wanted to see how big my biceps would get engorged with blood from a good work out.  We set to it, doing bicep curls with a straight bar.  As I expected, I could not match him weight-wise.  I just could not lift as much with a straight bar as he could.  But, then again, I rarely used the straight bar.  He plugged in his iPhone and put in some earbuds, which sort of put me off.  I figured he didn't want to talk much.

And he didn't.

We worked biceps, and then I led him to the tricep bar.  I like to work with the heaviest weight I can manage over several sets, and then work the weight rack downward.  I was lifting 120.  He was lifting 140.  After several sets, we started down, five reps at a time.  I went first.  120, 110, 100, 90, 80, 70 until my triceps were screaming.  He went next, and he was covered in sweat by the time he was done.

We then went back to bicep work, doing several different types of exercises.

Then, he pulled out the earbuds and asked if I'd like to go sit in the sauna for a bit.  I said "sure."

In the sauna, we were alone, and we finally began to talk.  He asked me a lot of questions about wrestling, and said that he thought he'd like to try it.  When I explained oil wrestling, he seemed doubly interested.

I was feeling weirdly out of my depth.  He was such a big guy and so muscular, that I felt like a little kid around him.  After about ten minutes in the sauna, we sat out by the whirlpool, in front of a huge mirror.  He looked up and smiled.

"Dude, you look so hot," he said.

I was struck by the fact that, yeah, I looked okay.  So did he.  We were both leaning back against the cool wall, our arms bulging.  I thought how I'd love to try and wrestle him, try to move him around.  He was smiling.

After a shower, we shook hands and I headed back to work.  I decided that I would text him the next day.  Give him some time to think about things.  But, then, he texted me.  He started asking me more questions about wrestling.  Then, he asked me to come over to his house and wrestle with him.

So, here I am, working my way through the afternoon.  As soon as I get off work, I will head to his place and we will wrestle.  I'm sure he will be able to pin me just from sheer size, but I am going to coach him in how to wrestle with a smaller guy.  I think it's going to be fun.

As an extra bonus, here's another Pablo Papovitch video.  In this one, he gets beat, but it's fun watching him wrestle Andre Galvao.  They are both such studs!

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  1. VERY nice writing; smooth and seamless. I feel as if I'm right there with the two of you; the first meeting, lifting weights, in the sauna. I feel the worry, the anxiety, and elation that accompanies the realization that a HOT "god" is HOT for you. I'm equally excited, right along with you. GREAT STUFF!