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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Rest of My Story

I arrived at his house on an absolutely perfect fall afternoon.  He lived in a beautiful, older neighborhood in town, and the houses were decorated for Halloween with carved jack-o-lanterns and fake spider-webs.   He greeted me at the door wearing a tight tank that showed off his well-sculpted shoulders and arms.  He was smiling, but I detected a slight nervousness.

We talked for a few minutes, and then gathered our stuff and headed out.  We had decided that we would oil wrestle in an abandoned office that his partner used.  The office was a short drive away, and soon we were standing in a wide-open space with thick carpet and no furniture.  We opened the drop cloth I'd brought and spread it on the floor, and we advanced toward each other. We were wearing nothing but gym shorts at that point, and we spent a few minutes exploring each others bodies.  He was taller than me by about four inches, and wider, too. He had such a well-developed chest--slightly hairy--and I couldn't help but run my hands over it.

Then, we stripped and began to apply the oil to each others bodies. He went first, working the oil into my chest and shoulders, down each arm, and then, finally, up and down each leg.  As he worked in the oil on my thighs, he would carefully "slip" and message my hard cock, working it just enough to arouse me, and then, playfully, moving back to my legs.  I took the oil from him, and did the same.

He had never wrestled before and was clearly nervous about trying, but I showed him a few basics - one of which - the front headlock - seemed to startle him.  I don't think it had occurred to him that I might apply that sort of physical pressure.  But he recovered himself and we began to grapple.

As I said, he was bigger than me.  He out weighed me by seventy pounds.  But the oil tends to even things out, and even when he'd pin me to the floor, I could work out from beneath him and climb onto his--admittedly broad--back.  I don't think he'd ever had someone put him in a full nelson before.  But his shoulders were so huge and the oil so slick, that even that momentary setback did not stop him.  He escaped and turned into me, trapping me beneath his massive, hairy chest.

It was playful wrestling.  Competitive in only a covert sort of way.  Even as we locked hands and tried to force each other to submit, we hesitated to apply full pressure, but, then again, I saw the look on his face.  The desire to try himself against me.  He got harder.

I got my legs up around his waist and began to apply pressure.  Again, this was slightly novel for him, and he was unsure how to respond, considering the fact that our hands were still locked.  He laughed, a nervous, funny laugh, and shifted slightly.  The pressure was getting to him, and then he released my hands and I sat up and pushed him over onto his back.

I straddled him and began to work him over, letting my hands stray over his body, working is cock, feeling his ass, then lightly working his nips. That did it.  He liked pec and nip torture.  I went in for the kill, biting and licking.  He moaned, and arched his back.  Then, almost before I understood what was happening, he shoot a salvo across us.  I joined him, jacking myself off.

Will we wrestle again?  I doubt it.  I got the impression that he was in this just to see what it was like.  His curiosity had been slaked and now he would move on.  But, then again, I was wrong about my take on him at the gym.  Perhaps we will wrestle again?


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  1. Your blog is very erotic
    Gets me hard imaging your adventures in wrestling
    More images like this one please