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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who is in my Fantasy Tonight?

Have you guys ever heard of Pablo Papovitch?  He's a grappler who is just about the best looking guy I've seen in quite some time.  Take a look at that pic above.  Pablo is one hot guy.  Watch the video below for a good view of what he looks like on the mats.

Yeah, he'd be tough, but I would strip off my shirt and hit the mats with him, anytime.  Ya hear that Pablo?  Let's rumble.

Okay, did you guys hear about Orlando Cruz, the first openly gay boxer?  Orlando, dude, you are my hero.  Knock 'em dead!

And, Orlando,  if you ever wanna do a little mat wrestling, just to loosen you up, let me know.  I'm your man.

And another note: met up with my friend from Scruff.  We worked out at the gym together and - lo and behold - we are going to wrestle tomorrow night.  He's never wrestled before, so I'm gonna break him in.  Of course, he's 5'11' and 220 pounds, so he might just beat the crap outta me.  But he seems like a really nice guy and I'm gonna show him how a big guy wrestles with a small guy.

Best of all: he lives just up the road from me.

And, I've got another match on Sunday with another guy here in town.  My God, it's raining men...or wrestlers, anyway.

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