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Monday, November 12, 2012


A friend of mine once said: "All gay men just want to fuck themselves."

I wrestled a friend of mine a week or so ago, and we were lying on his bed talking.  I asked him to tell me his greatest wrestling fantasy.  He described a match between himself and...well, himself. 

Do I want to wrestle me

Well, let's put aside the science-fiction aspects of that question.  After all, if you truly met your doppelganger--an alternate other you, would you wrestle it/him?

Yeah.  Sure. 

My most intense wrestling fantasies have always revolved around wrestling someone who was my match in strength and skill.  Someone who I could wrestle, and never know for sure whether I could beat.  The issue would always be up in the air.  Too, I would like that person to share my sense of what is hot.  In the drawing above, the blonde guy has his dark-haired opponent in an immobilizing hold, while he works over his cock and balls.  That is undeniably one of my favorite scenarios.  I should be able to beat him, but I haven't and he's humiliating me.

As a result, I like guys who are my height and weight.  Nothing is hotter to me than being able to look a guy dead in the eyes and stand pec-to-pec with him (or cock-to-cock).  I like to lock hands and struggle, our muscles bulging and beads of sweat popping out on our foreheads.  I like the feel of his strength matched with mine and knowing that if I just find that will within myself, that I can beat him.  But will I?

I haven't had a lot of matches exactly like that.  Some, but not an overwhelming number.  Most of my matches are against guys who are taller, and stronger. 

In those cases, I love it when the guy gives me a break.  Let's me have the impression that I can beat him.  It's all a game, isn't it?  An attempt to recreate some primal scene from my dim, partially remembered past.  Am I remembering some hot, sweaty summer night long ago when I wrestled a friend?  I think I am, actually, and I guess I've spent my whole life looking for that same match.

I'm not done looking.

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