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Monday, November 5, 2012

Gut Punching

I spent Saturday night with LeanmachineTN, a friend of mine from Nashville.  Lean is certainly that--lean.  He has rippling abs and a very slim torso.  But, he's also got a great upper body. 

In the picture above, that's me on top, raining down the blows on him.  I am wearing a pair of gloves with weighted shot in them.  If that was me taking those blows, I would have been yelling "stop!", but Leanmachine is a machine.  He took blow after blow and enjoyed it. 

Here I have him pinned to the wall as I continue to punish his abs. 

Now, I'm not a big gut punch type of guy.  I don't mind some shots, especially during a wrestling match, but I need to know a shot is coming so I can brace myself.  And I am not interested in being doubled over.  Leanmachine, however, can take a punch.  I was not holding back.  I did my best to make him give in to me, but I could not break him.  He took blow after blow and just smiled. 

I'm going to take some boxing lessons, I think, and really work on my punch.  That way, next time we meet, I will force him to give in to me.  

In case you are wondering, we did quite a bit of wrestling too.  Lean is pretty tough.  We oiled up and really went at it.  He and I are pretty evenly matched and it was a toss-up as to who would really dominate who. 

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  1. Am bookmarking your blog as I can't wait to read each instalment
    Love the photos