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Monday, November 26, 2012

Humiliating Your Opponent

Sushil Kumar, Indian wrestler and Olympian.

Sometimes, when you wrestle a guy, you can just feel that he wants to be punished.

Some guys, they just shout it out.  Not in so many words.  Not in any words, quite frankly. But, their actions, their style of wrestling--everything says: "pin me and do your worst."

There was this guy I wrestled a few years back who just looked like a wrestler.  Broad shoulders.  Well-defined deltoids and biceps.  A pair of pecs that made my cock harden almost instantaneously.  When he stripped off his shirt, I was nodding in agreement with the wrestling gods.  Yeah, well-done.

He was my size, roughly.  I might have had a few pounds on him.  But, overall it was gonna be a pretty square match.  We came toward each other in just our jeans and stood, eye-to-eye for a bit, giving each other the once-over.

I admit it.

I was flexing my guns.  And so was he.  But we both knew that I had him in the sheer circumference category.

We locked up, and he instantly telegraphed that he was waiting to be taken.  You could tell.  He was tough, but he buckled easily, and I worked him over standing, throwing a blood choke on him, and then transitioning to a nelson.

Borrowed from Inner Jobber.

I liked the feel of his smooth back against my pecs, and I was so hard that I could have broken through my jeans if they'd been a little tighter.  He had some fight in him, though, and tried to break free only to have his arms pinned behind his back.

I worked him over to the bed and threw him, face-down.  Then I was on top, putting on a chicken wing, locking my legs around his waist, squeezing and tweaking his nips.  He wasn't just lying there.  He tried to break free, but I could tell his will wasn't in it--not entirely.  And the more I squeezed, the less he fought.

I stood up, rolled him over, and unbuttoned his jeans.  His cock showed through his briefs and I let my hand slide purposefully across his shaft as I moved to pull his jeans down and off.  I had my own off as quickly, and I had no underwear so my hard cock bobbed and throbbed above him.

He hadn't moved from where he lay on the mattress.  He was too intent on looking me over.  So I straddled him and ran my fingers just inside the waste band of his briefs.  My fingertips brushed his head and I felt the pre-cum.  He was enjoying this as much as me, so I pinned his arms above his head and began to lick his biceps and chest, letting my tongue linger on his nipples.  He liked that.  I could tell.  And I playfully bit down.  His back arched up and I knew I had him.

At that moment, he regained a sense of himself, and caught me unready.  He rolled me over and tried to pin my arms, but I fought free and using my legs held him in place and squeezed.  He groaned in pain and I pulled his head in close, working one arm around his neck until he was doubled over, his face against my cock.

I moved his head back and forth across the tip of my cock, and he began to lick.  Then, he took my cock in his mouth and I released the choke hold.  My legs relaxed as well, and he re-positioned himself so that he could work my shaft.  I caught a handful of his hair and took control of his head, forcing him down on me, and then back again.  With a free hand, he was working his own cock, and I knew he was enjoying himself.

A few more pics of recent crush Kumar. 

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