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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Wrestling Fraternity

In the homosexual pantheon, wrestlers have a special place.  We occupy a portion of the sexual spectrum that is actually a lot closer to the masculine end of the scale than the feminine.  We extoll the virtues of fitness and muscle, sweat and hard work.

In general, gay wrestlers recognize that they are a breed apart.  Akin to S&M - but not exactly into the bondage and collaring (although they can be). They are rather like the Cossacks of old, a wild, masculine fraternity of guys who live to be in the company of other men, who admire blue jeans and tight t-shirts, tank tops and leather boots.

And like any close-knit fraternity, wrestlers look after their own.  When a wrestler is in trouble, other wrestlers recognize that they have an obligation to offer a hand, to step up, to do whatever they can to help.

One of our fraternity, Battleboi from DC, got some bad news this past week.  He may have cancer.

Please, any of you guys out there who have wrestled Battleboi over the years, please take a moment to contact him and let him know how much we are all thinking about him.

And, have a safe and wrestle-full holiday.  I hope each of you gets to spend time with family and friends.  And, I hope you will hold off on that extra piece of pie, and hit the gym at least once over the weekend.

Remember, I may be coming to your town next year, and, dude--I want to wrestle.

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