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Saturday, January 12, 2013


With a new year, comes the hope that I will be able to wrestle a lot over the next twelve months.  I was extremely lucky last year. I wrestled a wide variety of guys, and most of my matches were a ton of fun, and erotic to boot.  This year, I'm hoping for more of the same, but I face a few difficulties.

Money, for one.  I'm not as free as I've been in the past to just hop on a flight and go wrestle in DC or Chicago for several days.  I just can't afford it as easily as I could.  Also, I've got someone living with me who ties up my evenings quite a bit.

But, I'm still absolutely focused on being in shape.  The photo above was taken today (January 12th) and I think I'm doing okay.  I'm never as big as I want to be.  Never as massively muscled.  But, I've long since hit the point in my life where I have accepted my body.  The one point where I do still struggle is in the amount of weight I lift.  Especially in the bench press.  I have never been that great of a bench-presser (is that a word?).  But, I'm (again) working on increasing my poundage.

            From - Jake Jenkins (one of my crushes) gets worked over

Tentatively, I plan on making several wrestling trips this year.  I am for sure headed to Des Moines, Iowa in March to watch the NCAA Wrestling Tournament.  I've got my tickets and a hotel room, and several matches lined up.  Also, I will be in town with several wrestling friends.  That should be a fun several days.  I want to wrestle every day and night, and see lots of wrestling action on the mats at the tournament.  In particular, I'm excited to see my heroes like David Taylor, Logan Stieber, and (my newest crush) Nick Moore up close and (relatively) personal.

                                                             Nick, buddy, let's wrestle!

In April, I intend to go to DC for several days.  I've got several matches (sort of) set for that, including a match with a guy from Boston that I've been wanting to wrestle for years.  The DC area has a lot of really great guys who wrestle.  And, I have some close friends who live there (who also wrestle) whom I hope to spend time with.

Other trips will be shorter and cheaper:  Memphis.  Maybe Cape Girardeau.  Texarkana.  Maybe Oklahoma.

My primary interest this year, though, is to meet some new guys and to make some new friendships.  I'm hoping that I can meet up with some hot guys who are close to my size who like to wrestle and have fun.  I'm always interested in meeting someone new, so if you think you'd like to wrestle me and that we'd be a good match, contact me through this blog or through globalfight or Meetfighters.  Let's set something up.  

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  1. maybe Cape Girardeau? Hmmm. Eric