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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hello again. It's been awhile, hasn't it?

Sort of a rough holiday.  Got socked in by a winter storm, lost power for quite a few days (nearly froze our asses off) and had a lot of damage to the trees around the house.

But we're not here to discuss those sorts of things, now are we?  No.  We most certainly are not. 

I love the photo above.  The guy in the black is Nick Moore, a 165-pound wrestler for the Iowa Hawkeyes.  He appears to be putting the hurt on (I'll guess) Cody Yohn of Minnesota.  Cody may well be enjoying the bridge in which he finds himself.  Course, I guess he's also concerned that he is about to be pinned. 

Nick is such a handsome guy.  He is, in fact, just a little like the ideal wrestler - body-wise - as far as I'm concerned.  I like wrestlers to be rather short and stocky with thick legs and blonde hair.  Nick fits that bill very well.

So, he has become my latest crush in the world of college wrestling.  He looks tough doesn't he?  I'm sure he is.  But I'd really like to meet him and get a chance to wrestle with him on a long rainy afternoon.  I will hopefully get to see him in March at the NCAA Wrestling Tournament.

Okay, okay.  Focus!

Our topic today is submission.  My last post discussed the possibility of me dominating another guy.  Since then, it seems as though everyone I've talked to has revealed, after a bit, that they are into bondage and domination. 

For instance, I had an email from a guy this past week asking me about wrestling him.  He is nice looking (according to the photo) and we exchanged emails.  But after a few, he began to ask me if I would be interested in becoming his slave.  He, it turns out, is a dom (as they say) and even though he was willing to wrestle me, he wanted the end result to be fore-ordained: that I would surrender to him.

I had to think about it.  I mean, could you allow another guy to have complete and total physical (and some would say mental) control over you?

I would think that one would have to have a great deal of trust in the individual who was the dom.  I could not surrender myself completely to a guy unless I knew that he was not going to hurt me or that he would stop if I asked him to.  That is trust.  Sort of the ultimate form of trust, I would think.

As a gay wrestler, I like to think that I am not a submissive.  I like to struggle with another guy, to attempt to impose my will on him, and to have him attempt to impose his on me.  I like the struggle, the issue being in doubt until one of us taps or is forced to cum or whatever the outcome.

To just give myself to another guy...that seems to fly in the face of what being a gay wrestler is all about.  We strive for self-worth, for dignity, for a sense of our physical being through grappling with our fellow men.  We don't just lie on out backs and give in.  Well, some of us do, but those guys suck as wrestlers.

However, I decided to see how far I would be willing to go.  I wrote the guy back and said: Yes.  I would become his slave.

The tone of the emails changed immediately.  He began to insist that I call him Master, and he (in turn) addressed me as slave.  Then he began to tell me about how he was going to insist that I prove to him how much I wanted to be his slave.  I had to admit, I was curious to see what "task" he would ask me to perform considering that I am several hundred miles distant from him.

I got my answer.  He wanted me to post mysef on a BDSM website as his slave.

Frankly, that sounds a bit much considering I've never even meet this guy.  Also, after looking at this site, I have to admit, I'm sort of a naif.  I am not up on all the longo and did not quite understand all the permutations involved in this fetish or set of fetishes (fetishii?).

I don't want to be pee'ed or shat upon.  Just not me.

I don't want to be gagged.

I don't want to be whipped or spanked.

So, I guess I'm not slave material.

Also, there is a basic difference in the way people post themselves on a BDSM website as opposed to a wrestling website.  We post pics of our bodies--our chests, our biceps, our shoulders.  They post, almost exclusively, pics of their penises.  If you scroll through the posts, it's like looking at a catalog for a sausage company.  I mean, it's just dick after cock after john after member.  After a while, it's all sort of disorienting.  And, I got the distinct impression that the bodies attached to those dicks were not too great looking.  Quite a few need a bit of man-scaping.

So, I guess I'll stick with wrestling.     


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  1. love ur post.if u like blonds checkout matt tuttle-174 pounder from alma college/michigan. he has facebook profile website where he proudly shows off his abs. Also, his Alma college facebook page features some hot pics from florida tourny including peeling off singlet straps after win and congrats from coach.stud knows he's hot.