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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who Do I Want to Wrestle (and Fuck)? Part 36

Most college wrestlers don't have the sort of posed, shirtless pics that Doug Schwab has.  Doug, seen above in all his chest-bearing glory, is the current Coach of the University of Northern Iowa's wrestling team and a former Olympian.  Maybe that's why he has the beefcake shots.  He was in the Olympics.

Doug wrestled at 66 kg - that's 145.5 pounds for you non-metric Americans--so even though he looks like he's about six feet tall, he isn't.  He's actually about 5'8".  The perfect size, in my opinion.

Some international wrestling is done shirtless, which is, I think you will agree, a really good idea.  I wish college wrestlers had to wrestle in just a pair of shorts.  That would really make the matches more...interesting? 

I posted the picture above primarily for a friend of mine in St. Louis.  That's Trent Paulson on the left giving Doug what-for.  My friend has a bit of a thing for both Paulson twins.  I don't blame him. 

These two photos feature two of my crushes: Sushil Kumar (of India) and Doug.  Sushil has a great body, and I wish I had seen this match.  I think Sushil won.  These photos were taken at the Beijing Olympics.

I know these fan-boy fantasies are a little ridiculous.  What are the chances that Doug Schwab will google images of himself, find this blog, and decide that, yes, he would like to wrestle me? 

Google images of himself:  90%
Find this blog (and click on the link):  20%
Decide that, yes, he wants to wrestle me:  .00001%

But, hey, that's still .00001 of a percent.  Call me, maybe, Doug.


  1. cool but dont forget the wrestling stud bulls TOMMY ROWLANDS and hairy chested JD BERGMAN

  2. I would especially agree with you about J D Bergman. He really is a hot looking stud.