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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Almost March

Is it just me, or is winter dragging its heels about leaving?

We keep getting rain and sleet, and even snow--while I look in vain each morning for a blue sky and seventy degree weather.

But, March is just around the corner and I have a lot of wrestling set up.  The weekend of the ninth, I'm headed to Memphis to do some wrestling.  A guy I've been corresponding with for many months is coming to town and we're going to hit the mats (in his hotel room).  I'm looking forward to this visit.  I've spoken with him several times over the phone, and he seems really nice.  I'm hoping we get in a lot of great wrestling.  Lots of sweat and hard work.

Later in March, I will be in Des Moines, Iowa for the NCAA Wrestling Tournament.  I'm looking forward to that not only because I love college wrestling, but also because I will get a chance to wrestle several cool guys.  In particular, one guy, who will be sharing my hotel room.  I've never met him, but we've talked and corresponded for quite a while.  We intend to get in a lot of wrestling between sessions at the tournament.

As you can tell from the picture I posted above, I've been hitting the gym really hard.  I'm lifting heavier weights and really giving it hell.  My weight is back down to 145 (from 150), and I've decided that's okay with me.  I tried to gain weight.  I tried to get to 155.  But I just didn't like the way I was carrying the weight.  So, I backed off on the number of calories and started running again.  I feel better.

I hope you guys are enjoying Middleboro.  I've been working hard to get lots of sex into each episode and to keep the horror coming (so to speak).  The book is basically a species of fan fiction--the practice of taking an existing story or television show--and re-working it for a particular sexual fetish.  In this case, of course, gay wrestling.  I have used Stephen King's It as my jumping off point.  I always liked the idea of a creature that could take on the fears of those it stalks--but what if it took on the form of your most dearly held sexual fantasies?  Could you fight it off, or would you surrender to it?

I guess we'll have to wait and see if Chris, Jack, Spanky and Foster can fight it off.  But they'll need to find David, first.

Hopefully, episode 10 will be posted later this week.

Thanks for all the encouragement, and let's all hit the gym, get the clothes off that treadmill, and get in shape.  Then: wrestle.  Do it.  Now.   

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  1. Gym is paying off, arms and shoulders are popping more!