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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Middleboro Part 8

Hey guys.  Here's part 8 of my continuing story about a town of gay wrestlers terrorized by a supernatural force that takes on the guise of their deepest sexual fantasies.  Hope you are enjoying it.

Meanwhile, I was supposed to wrestle last night with the St. Louis Grizz--always one of the highlights of my wrestling year, but this damned weather!  We had snow and ice yesterday, so he didn't get to town until really late and had to leave early this morning.  So, your faithful blogger is left with no one to wrestle.  [Cue sad music.]  Anyway, hope you guys are all doing well.

The pics today are all from Sean  Check it out.  Great website.

Jack had hardly even gotten the front door open before Chris pushed his way inside.  Jack couldn’t help but notice that Chris’ shirt was open and he looked like he’d just gone two rounds with a python.

“Chris…?  What’s going on?”

Chris shut the door and locked it.  “You won’t believe…you just can’t…I can’t…I just…I can’t!”  He was out of breath and panicky.

Jack tried to calm him, the only way he knew how.  He reached out to give Chris a hug.  But Chris drew back.

“Wait a minute…”  It appeared that something had occurred to him.  He ran his hand over the stubble on Jack’s head and then, oddly, pulled up Jack’s t-shirt and examined his chest.

“What in the hell are you doing?”

“You’ve got hair on your chest.  That’s…that’s good…”

“Yeah,” said Jack. He self-consciously felt of his chest.  “Why?”

“Jack…oh, wait! Where’s David?”

“He’s right there.”

Chris spun around as David walked up from the basement.  “Hey Chris.”

“You’re all right!  Both of you.  You’re okay.  Right?  You’re okay!”

Jack and David exchanged a look, and then Jack said.  “Chris, what’s got into you?  You’re freaking out, man.”

Chris ran a hand through his hair and then clutched at his crotch.  Jack could see that he was hard.

“C’mon,” said Chris, suddenly catching Jack by the hand and pulling him down the hall.  He yelled over his shoulder to David.  “Give us just a few minutes, Davey.  And if someone comes to the front door, don’t you answer it!  You hear me!  Don’t!”

Chris pulled Jack into his bedroom, and was all over him.  Kissing him and yanking his t-shirt up over his head.

“Chris…what are you doing…?”

“Please, Jack.  No talking.  Let’s just fuck.  Okay?  I have to get fucked.  Now.”

Jack grinned.  “Well, if you have to.”

Chris was undressed almost before Jack knew it, and Jack couldn’t help but note that Chris was incredibly hard.  It had been so long since they’d been together.  God, he was so happy.  It didn’t matter why Chris was suddenly there…suddenly wanting to fuck.  He just wanted to get naked, roll on the bed, and take Chris.  The way they used to in high school.

Once Jack was undressed, he shut the door to his room and he and Chris faced each other.  Chris was breathing hard, and his body appeared to be streaked red, as though he’d already been wrestling.  Jack moved in closer, and put a hand on his chest where a large red mark was. 

“Chris, what’s going on?  Have you been wrestling?”

Chris leaned in close and their cocks touched.  Chris seemed to catch his breath, and then he put his arms around Jack’s torso and pulled him in so that they were chest to chest. 

“Yes…I’ve been wrestling,” he said.  “But it’s not what you think…it was…I…”  He pulled back and they looked each other in the eyes.  Jack thought Chris looked upset.

“What?  Please tell me…”

“Let’s just have sex first, please?  I have got to get off.  I’m dying.”

They didn’t say another word.  Jack pushed Chris back onto the bed and pinned him to the mattress.  Chris was searching for Jack’s mouth, wanting to kiss, but Jack kept pulling back, and turning his head.  Chris liked to be teased and taunted.  Jack knew that.  Chris also liked to have his nips worked, so Jack caught one between his fingers and twisted, leaning into Chris to emphasize his helplessness under Jack.

Chris moaned.  Loudly.  “Oh God, Jack, please just fuck me.  I need to cum.  For Christ sakes, just let me cum.”

Jack pulled Chris’ legs up to expose his ass, and spit into Chris’ asshole.  Then he plunged in.  Chris’ back arched and he reached down to pull Jack in further. 


Jack began to pump and Chris caught hold of his own cock and began to jack himself off. 

Jack was mesmerized by the look on Chris’ face.  He was in absolute ecstasy.  His eyes literally rolled back in his head, and Jack pumped harder, feeling himself getting ready to cum.  He didn’t want to hurry it, but it had been so long, so damned long.

Then, they came.  Both of them.  Jack felt the tip of his cock shooting into Chris’ rectum and at the same time, Chris ejaculated a huge amount of cum up over his chest, onto his chin, and even onto his forehead.  Jack laughed as he continued to pump, and Chris started to laugh too, but they both kept at it, losing their loads, spraying the contents of their balls.

Then Jack fell over onto the bed beside Chris.  Chris was breathing heavily, a grin on his face.  “Oh, thank God.  Thank God you were here.  I needed that so bad.  I thought I was…”  He laughed again.  “I thought I was gonna die.”

“Man, that’s a big load.  Been saving it up for me?”

Chris didn’t answer.  Instead he ran his hand along his still hard cock and shot out another, much smaller, load.

“Man, Chris,” said Jack.  “Aren’t you…potent?”

Chris wiped his face and chin.  “Jack, you would not believe what happened to me tonight.  I can’t believe it.  I mean…it’s just too crazy!”

Jack sat up.  “What?”

“The in town…I met the thing that’s taking them…”


“It’s…well I don’t know what the hell it is.  A chameleon or something.  It changes shapes.  Wrestles you.  It’s sexy as hell.  And it’s trying to make you…it was trying to make me cum.  I swear.  It wanted me to cum.”

“Chris, slow down.  What are you talking about?”

Chris looked at his chest, and Jack reached over and got one of his t-shirts.  “Here.”

Chris wiped himself off and sat up on the bed.  “Jack, you came to my house tonight.  I mean, it wasn’t you, but it was.  It was you from high school.  You were in your old gym shorts, from Middleboro High.  I thought it was you.  We started wrestling.  It was so hot.  You were so damned hot.  But then you called.  You left a message on the voice mail…”


“Then I realized it couldn’t be you.  I mean, you were leaving me a message, but you were on top of me, about to fuck me.”


“Then it wasn’t you.  It changed into…well…never mind what…but it changed.  I had to fight it off.  I hit it with a lamp.  It crawled out the front door and ran away.”

Jack scratched his head.  “This makes no sense, Chris.  Have you been drinking?”

“No!  I haven’t.  It was the thing.  The thing that’s taking everyone.  I think it makes you cum and then drags you away or eats you or something…”

Jack smiled.  He didn’t mean to.  “Okay.”

Chris stood, picked his pants up off the floor and began to search his pockets.  “I’ll show you.  I have proof.”

There was a knock on the door.  “Hey!  Are you guys done humping?”  It was David.

“Yeah, come on in,” said Chris, who was standing there naked, his hand in his pant’s pocket.

David opened the bedroom door and saw Chris standing there.  Then he saw his brother on the bed.  “Jesus, cover that thing up, will ya, Jack?”

“What about Chris?  His is hanging out there.”

David grinned a sly grin.  “That one’s not family.”

“Here it is!”  Chris almost yelled it.  He’d pulled a flashdrive from his pocket.  “Where’s your PC, David?”

David laughed.  “Is that some porn you guys want to watch?”

“It’s a picture of bigfoot,” said Jack, pulling on his jeans.

Chris was not amused.  “Wait until you see this.  Both of you assholes.  Just wait.”  He pushed past David and walked down the hall.  “Where’s the PC, Davey?”

“On the kitchen table!”  David yelled it over his shoulder at Chris.  He was looking at Jack.  “Everything okay?”

Jack smiled a big satisfied smile.  “Yeah.  Great.”

“I guess he’s not mad at you anymore.”

Jack started to answer, but Chris was yelling from down the hall.  “Guys!  Come here!  Let me show you this!  Oh my God!  My God!  Come here!!  Now!!”

Jack looked at David.  “Something’s weird with him.” 

Jack followed David down the hall.  As they entered the kitchen he leaned across David’s back and wrapped an arm around David’s neck.  He was feeling playful.  Happy.  Damned good, as a matter of fact.

Chris stood back from the table and pointed to the PC screen.  “Look.”

Jack and David moved around so they could see.  Jack still had his arm around David.  “Okay, we’re looking.”

Chris moved the cursor and pressed play on a video.  “This is footage from the security camera trained on my front porch.”

Jack watched but all he saw was a green night vision version of Chris’ front porch.  “Wow.  Great porch, Chris.”

“Wait.  Wait.”

Just then something climbed into view.  It was short and squat, with multiple legs, like some bloated spider.  It was dragging a huge appendage, like a cock, and its mouth was a gaping red hole. 

Jack and David jumped back.

“What the hell…!” Yelled David.

“What is that, Chris?” Asked Jack who had unconsciously put David in one hell of a headlock.

Chris pointed.  “That’s you, Jack.”

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