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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Who Do I Want to Wrestle (and fuck)? Part 37

Danny Felix, an American freestyle wrestler, has the most perfect body, as far as I am concerned.  I've always loved those muscled-up little guys, close to the ground, and with a few days growth of beard.  You can see him above in his singlet looking ready to lock up and take a guy down. 

Yeah, I know.  If I really wrestled Danny, he'd kill me.  I think I weigh more than him.  I'm certainly taller than him. But he'd mow me down.  And I think that would be okay to have him straddle me on the mats.  I'd take it like a man.  Really, I would.

It really is sort of rare for college wrestlers to post pictures of themselves on the internet with no shirt.  But guys who are either on the World Team, or have tried out for the Olympics, they don't care.  They're out there flaunting their stuff.  Danny looks pretty tough, I think.  I'm not a big tattoo guy, but I like his.

Okay, I think that's Jake Herbert above, but it's a nice shot of his chest.  I'm surprised it's so hairless.

I wish I had something interesting to report in my wrestling life.  But, really there's nothing.  I have not wrestled in a few weeks, and although I may wrestle this coming weekend, I'm not sure about it.  Life has been sort of getting in my way lately. 

I'm still working out like a fiend.  I'm making it to the gym about four times a week and running about five.  So, I'm feeling good about myself.  But I need someone to wrestle.  Who's gonna step up and help me out?

I hope you guys don't mind me posting chapters from the book I'm working on.  I will continue to post chapters in the coming days, unless you guys write and ask me to stop.

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