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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coming Out as a Wrestler

By now, most of you have heard that NBA player, Jason Collins, has come out of the closet and told the world that he is gay.  I think this is an amazingly brave thing for him to do, and I hope that it leads to more professional athletes coming out as gay.  I would also really like to see an NCAA college wrestler come out as gay.

I've met at least two guys who wrestled for Division I schools who are now out.  They both told me that the idea of coming out as a gay wrestler in Division I would have been very dangerous.  I think the major reason is that the wrestling community in the US is highly conservative, and very sharply concentrated on the masculine aspects of college wrestling.  They like to point out that wrestlers do not just hang around the university for a year or two and then get drafted into the pros.  Wrestling is a pure sport--or so the trope goes--not like football or basketball.

But, I still think that gay men who like to wrestle face a double "coming out."  Not only are we faced with the prospect of coming out as gay to our families and friends, but also, we are faced with the prospect of coming out as a wrestler to our lovers.  That second step is more difficult than you might imagine.

Way back in the eighties, I was very open about my sexuality.  I dated quite a few different guys.  And, always at some point it came down to me confessing to them that I liked to wrestle.  Only one of those guys was open to it, and that was because he was crazy in love with me.  Unfortunately, I was not crazy in love with him.  Life is often like that.  Sorta cruel.

Sean Lucas, posted here from Ringside at Skull Island for no other reason than that I think he's pretty

Much more often, my boyfriends actually recoiled from me when I said that I liked to wrestle.  One guy that I was dating just pretended like I hadn't said anything.  That kinda pissed me off.  So I pressed him on it.  Finally, with a sigh of exasperation, he said, "So what the fuck am I supposed to do about it?" 

Nothing.  The answer was nothing.

It would take about fifteen years and the invention by Al Gore of the Internet to finally show me that I was not the only guy out there who wanted to wrestle.

Since I have "come out" as a wrestler, I've been extraordinarily lucky in that I've been able to wrestle a lot of cool guys.  This might make me sound like a bit of a slut, but I think I've wrestled around seventy guys over the last ten years.  The vast majority of them have been masculine, tough, really nice guys.  The sort of guys that I've always been attracted to.  It's been great.

True, I'm sort of bound to a rock in that I've got a home life that is constricting.  I can't talk on the phone or chat or cam as often as I sometimes would like. I can't just drop everything and fly to Toronto or California to wrestle (like I'd like to).  Money is part of it, but too I have obligations.  You don't get to be my age and not have them.  Or, you shouldn't.

Anyway, coming out is tough.  But coming out as a wrestler is also tough.

But, here's my take on it.  Now is the time to redefine yourself.  Be a jock.  Be a stud.  Wear that singlet.  Put on those trunks.  Wanna wear a mask?  Do it.  Do it NOW.  You only live once, my friend.  Better make the best of it while you can.

Let's wrestle!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Middleboro Part 14

Here we go guys.  Middleboro is back in action and with custom drawings done by Bazotter.  I think he's done a tremendous job, and I would like to see you guys pay him back by visiting his Yahoo Group: Bazotter where you can see plenty more of the same sort of drawings. 

I'm working on Chapter 15 and should have that ready soon unless Bazotter is willing to attempt drawings for that, too.

Jack ran as fast as he could down the narrow tunnel.  The darkness was near absolute and he kept slowing down, feeling ahead to ensure he wasn’t about to trip over some tree branch or stone.  The water in the bottom of the tunnel was very shallow.  Maybe a few inches at best.  And it was warm.  He could feel it through his shoes, which were sopping wet.

Jack’s fear had begun to abate somewhat.  Maybe it was the physical exertion, the running, that took his mind off it.  He knew, intellectually, that he should be terrified.  He was stumbling through a dark and wet tunnel searching for some creature that could take on the guise of his inner-most sexual desires.  He knew that if the creature could make him cum that he would be done for.  He would undoubtedly pass out again only to awake that thing’s prisoner.

If he awoke at all. 

But Jack couldn’t think about that.  Couldn’t give in to his fears.  He had to find David. He had to bring David back.

A light up ahead.

It was a light, wasn’t it?  Dim at first.  So dim that Jack wasn’t sure that it wasn’t just a trick of the darkness; the flash of lights through closed eyes.

But then he saw that it was a light.  Silver gray and shining at the end of the tunnel.  Maybe David was ahead?  Maybe he would finally find his brother?

He splashed on and on, down the long tunnel.  The light seemed to be fixed, un-moving.  But then, almost imperceptivity, it got larger.  He was getting closer.  He was almost there.

Jack suddenly emerged out into a wide chamber deep under Middleboro.  A silver light shone down from above, but Jack couldn’t see the source of the light.  The chamber was large and airy, maybe fifty feet by fifty feet.  But, it wasn’t the light or the size that stopped Jack dead in his tracks.  It was what was sitting in the middle of the room.

A wrestling ring.  Complete with turnbuckles and ropes. 

Jack wiped the sweat from his face and almost gasped aloud. 

A wrestling ring?  Here?  It couldn’t be!  There was just no way it could be there.  This had to be a trick.  Some sort of illusion brought on by the creature.

But then, that meant that the creature was near-by. 


The voice came from somewhere in the room.  Or was it just an echo?  Maybe it was a thought inside Jack’s own head?  But he was sure, positive, that he’d heard his own name called.  He looked around, but there was no one there.  He was alone in the room.  But…wait.

A figure was squatting on the canvas, the light from overhead obscuring his face.

“Who…who…are you?” Jack tried to sound calm, but he heard the fear in his voice.

The figure motioned to Jack to come up.  To climb into the ring.

Jack didn’t want to. He knew this was another illusion.  Another of the thing’s tricks.  It was going to wrestle with him.  Play with him.  Get him hard and horny and then force him to cum.

Jack wouldn’t give in.  Wouldn’t meet the thing on its own terms.  “N-n-n-o!”  He yelled, the sound of his voice repeating over and over down the long, dark corridor behind him. “Where’s my brother?  Where’s David?”

The figure stood and Jack could see that he was wearing only a very skimpy brief.  Still, Jack could not see his face.

“You want your brother?  Fight me for him.”

Jack was sure he hadn’t heard the voice that time.  It was an idea.  Planted in his head.  The thing didn’t really speak.  It merely mimicked what its prey wanted to hear.  Needed to hear.

“Where he is?!?”

Just a laugh in response.

That was it, then.  If Jack wanted to find David, he would have to wrestle this thing to find him.  Fine.  They’d wrestle.  And Jack would kick this Martian’s, or whatever the fuck it was, ass all over that ring.

Jack climbed in, leaping over the ropes.  He bent down and removed his wet shoes and socks and then pulled off his jeans. 

“C’mon, motherfucker!  C’mon!  I’ll kick your sorry ET ass all the way back to Alpha Centauri or hell or wherever you’re from!  You son-of-a-bitch!  I want my brother, fucker!  And I’m going to find him!”

The figure moved forward and Jack saw that it was Derrick Mason. 

Jack took a step back.  It had to be Derrick, didn’t it?  Of all people, the thing had to pick the one guy Jack most feared.  He’d never beaten Derrick.  Never been able to humble him.  Never been able to take him down.  But, then, this wasn’t Derrick, was it?  Not really.  This was just Jack’s idea of Derrick.  Which, come to think of it, was probably worse than the real thing.

Oh shit.  Derrick Mason.  And he looked good.  Better than he had in high school.  He had big, thick biceps with veins running down the forearms.   His abs were cut like crazy, sharply defined and completely hairless.  His chest was two rounded pecs with a smattering of black hair on them.  And his legs.  Derrick had always had great legs. 

Jack took a deep breath and felt his groin stir.  Jesus, he was getting hard already!  They hadn’t even started to wrestle yet.

But then, they had.

Derrick was fast.  Or the Derrick/Creature was fast.  Whatever.  He was across the ring and on Jack, shoving him backward against the ropes, his knee pressed into Jack’s midsection.  Derrick had an idiot’s grin on his face.  A crooked, lustful look that seemed to broadcast how confident he was that Jack would soon be spewing his cum all over the ring.

Derrick brought his knee up again and again,  while pushing Jack’s head backward with the palm of his hand.  Jack could hear the laughter.  He could feel the slap of Derrick’s big chest as it slammed again and again into Jack’s. 

Then, he had Jack by the hair and led him, bent over, into the center of the ring.  In an instant, Derrick caught Jack in a headlock and then brought him down hard onto the canvas.  Almost as quickly, Derrick was up and then dropped down onto Jack, his elbow catching Jack in the chest and knocking the breath from him.

Jack rolled over onto all fours and gasped.  Above him, the thing flexed and bounced around, first on one foot and then another.  Jack knew he had to get up.  Had to get into this fight. But Derrick was so strong.  So good.  Could Jack ever beat Derrick? 

Jack climbed to his feet, but Derrick caught him from behind in a bearhug and lifted Jack off his feet.   He squeezed and Jack barely had time to take in a breath before Derrick’s big arms contracted around him.  Jack caught hold of Derrick’s locked hands and tried to break the hold.  He pushed Derrick’s hands down, but they merely touched the shaft of Jack’s cock and Derrick relaxed his hold enough to catch Jack’s cock and squeeze. 

Jack tried to get loose, but Derrick was up against him, pressing his own hard cock into Jack’s ass, and squeezing Jack’s dick like crazy.  He was laughing, too.  That hollow, evil laugh that the thing had.  A mocking laugh that seemed to say to Jack that “You are nothing but a weakling.  A loser.”

Jack was suddenly loose and he turned to face Derrick.  They locked hands.  A test of strength.  Jack knew he couldn’t beat Derrick, and quickly, he remembered why.  Derrick’s big arms worked on Jack, forcing Jack’s arms down. 

But, this wasn’t Derrick.  Not really.  Maybe Derrick’s strength was only an illusion, like the ring, like everything here.  Jack shifted his weight and began to work to bring his arms back up. Derrick’s grin widened.  He wanted this test.  And Jack could see why.  His cock was huge, pointing at Jack, straining against the extremely thin material that contained it.  The veins in Derrick’s arms popped and his biceps seemed to get bigger, but Jack kept on, fighting against him, with every ounce of strength he had.

And then Jack saw it. A flicker of doubt crossed Derrick’s face.  Jack was bringing his arms back up.  Winning over Derrick’s strength.  Beating Derrick.  Jack was the one smiling now, as he took a step forward to force Derrick’s arms down. 

But then, to Jack amazement, Derrick’s cock became a hand.  It reached across the small distance between them and ripped Jack’s briefs from his body, exposing Jack’s hard cock.  Derrick was suddenly naked.  His hand back to being a cock.  It was all too strange.  Too fucking weird. Derrick shifted his stance and caught Jack in a body hug.  Their bodies were now pressed tight against one another.  Jack had been caught off guard by the cock-to-hand-to-cock thing, and Derrick had him, his face only an inch from Jack’s.

Again, that laughter.  That insane laughter.  That triumphant cackle.  A gleeful demon laugh of sexual excitement.  Jack got harder.  Harder than he’d ever been before.  His cock actually ached.  Wanted to spasm and blow.  Derrick’s hard abs crushed Jack’s cock and the sweat from Derrick’s chest lubricated them and allowed Derrick to work his body up and down, performing frottage on Jack.

It was too much.  Jack had to escape or he would cum. 

He strained every muscle he had and brought his arms up, breaking Derrick’s hold.  Then he punched Derrick as hard as he could in the face.

Derrick took a step back and then swung at Jack.  A round-house punch that Jack deflected with his forearm, and tried to counter, but Derrick ducked his blow. 

They were close to each other.  Almost in each other’s arms.  Trading ill-directed blows and pummeling each other.  Derrick would take a step in, swing or jab at Jack, and his big, hard cock would slam into Jack’s, distracting Jack and making it hard for him to get in a good shot at Derrick.  Sweat dripped from Jack’s forehead.  Collected in his eyebrows and ran down his cheeks and onto his chest.  Derrick was also covered in sweat, his body almost glowing under the silver light.

Then, just as a bead of sweat entered Jack’s eye, Derrick caught Jack under the chin and Jack was off his feet and onto the mats.  Derrick stood above him, his arms raised.  All around Jack, the lights went up and a sea of laughing faces pointed and roared.  They were laughing at him.  An entire audience of bronzed muscle men, all of them hard as rocks.  Many of them leaned onto the ropes, pointing or masturbating as Jack sprawled on the canvas. 

Jack got to his feet but just as he did, Derrick caught his cock in his big hand and hoisted Jack up over his head.   He pulled Jack down across his muscular shoulders in a backbreaker, all the while holding tightly to Jack’s hard, hard cock. 

Jack saw the lights above.  Heard the roar of the crowd.  Heard the laughter.  The cheers.  He was caught in the thing’s hold.  His back cracking.  His cock so damned hard.  How would he break loose?  How could he fight something that fought him like this?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Manly Art of Jacobc

The pictures today are from a blog that I recently discovered called The Manly Art of Jagobc.  I really like this guy's art work.  He loves big, hairy dudes and squat Daddy types.  And doesn't mind flashing an erect cock once in a while, too.

I have added links to his blogs (there are actually two of them - the other is called Naked Combat - not to be confused with Naked Kombat - the video site).  You ought to check them out.  He does a really good job at using digital art to render realistic looking human bodies.  And I think the art is hot.

I'm dying to try out a few of these holds on my next wrestling opponent.  Unfortunately, the next guy I wrestle would not appreciate being put in any of these holds.  But, I may do it anyway.

I had a good time in Oklahoma last weekend, but I don't think I will be able to get out and do a lot of wrestling again until the end of May.  I am scheduled to make a trip to the DC area, and I hope to wrestle quite a few guys when I go.  There is one guy in particular who is from Boston, that I hope can come down and wrestle with me.  He's sort of a bucket-list sort of guy for me. Really cut and handsome.  I want to wrestle with him for hours.

I am working on more chapters in Middleboro, but I've been dragging my feet about posting them as Bazotter is working on art to accompany the next chapter.  I am really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.  Hopefully, I can post that this coming week.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Showing My Junk

One of the things that really hit me this weekend (besides my wrestling opponents) was the fact that I am not shy about undressing in front of other people.  I guess I'm an exhibitionist.  I never really thought of myself as one, but I must be.  Maybe sometime in my life I slipped into exhibitionism without even really realizing it?  Maybe it's like gray hair.  One day, it's just there.  You don't know when it showed up.  But there it is, staring back at you from the mirror.

Some of the guys I wrestled in Oklahoma are very shy about their bodies.  Even the really young guys are just a little prim about going to the bathroom to change clothes before emerging in sexy briefs. 

Me?  I just strip off my clothes and get dressed.  I think I actually may have embarrassed at least one person with my tendency to strip.

Of course, I'm used to undressing around other guys.  I've worked out in the same gym for many years.  I always walk to the showers naked.  No one cares.  If there are any gay guys at my gym, they hide it well. 

So, I'm used to being around other guys in that situation.  It's like being in the army or something.  You get used to it.

Still, I don't want to offend anyone.  I think I may actually make some guys uncomfortable.  I almost feel like a bit of a slut sometimes.  Like I should be a little more circumspect in my behavior.

But, you know what?  Nah!  I'm not gonna change.  I work my ass off at the gym.  I do my best to eat write (although, a glass of wine would be nice just now).  I'm gonna just be myself.

Anyone wanna wrestle?  If so, be prepared, I'm not gonna hide in the bathroom.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

WrestleFest 2013 - Oklahoma City

So, I drove over to Oklahoma City this past weekend to wrestle with MTWrestler from Denver, Festgoer from Norman, Oklahoma, and TheMan1984 from Shawnee, Oklahoma.  This was one of those trips where you just jump in the car, drive for five or six hours, and then wrestle.  In my case, first off, I wrestled The Man1984--a guy I've been wanting to meet for a few years now.  The Man had been texting me and sending me videos of himself so I was pumped and ready to take him on.  Strangely, he was better looking in person than he was in pics or video.  He has a really nice body.  Big arms.  Big legs.  And he's fun to wrestle.

He likes to be put out, too, and I did that for him.  That is not something I do often, if at all.  You really, really have to be careful with that sort of thing.  And I mean it, kids.  If someone asks you to do that for them, hold onto them tightly when they are out.  Make sure they do not hit their head or fall to the floor.   This is extremely important advice.  Please take it.

In the pictures above you see MT wrestling Festygoer and MT wrestling The Man.  Festygoer is an amazingly fun guy.  He's quite young, has a very cute face, and is a load of fun to wrestle.  I really enjoyed him.  He's so sweet and loves to be made a jobber.  Although with me, since we were more evenly matched, he wrestled like crazy.  I liked that a lot. 

That's me putting the hurt on MT.  For such a big, strong guy, MT is a real mensch when it comes to wrestling smaller guys.  He will put some moves on you, but he also is good at letting a smaller guy get the advantage.  I've always had a great time wrestling him, and this past weekend was no exception.  Things got pretty intense as the evening progressed and MT was a great catalyst for--shall we say--everyone opening up.

Of course, I love being put into a hold like you see above and having my cock worked over.  In fact, I think this is one of my favorite wrestling "poses."  I love to see a guy bent over a knee and worked over.  There is something about the helplessness of the whole thing, the way you are laid out for everyone to see, that gets me going. 

The pic above is one of my personal favorites from the weekend.  Festy is getting worked over pretty good by MT and you get a nice look at Festy's smooth chest.  That kid is so much fun to wrestle.  Such a great attitude.  You can tell he's having such a wonderful time.  If you go to Oklahoma City, you really need to contact him.  He works a lot, so don't be upset if he's not available.  And you might have to drive to him as I don't think he has a car.  But he's well worth the trip. 

I can't believe there are no pics of me wrestling Festy or The Man!  Why didn't we take any?


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Up-Coming Matches

I'm sort of marking time here.  I've got another episode of Middleboro written, but I sent it off to Bazotter so that he can attempt to add some drawings.  If he has time to do it, I will post the episode with his drawing or drawings.  I hope it works out.

Meanwhile, I am about to take off next week for Oklahoma City to wrestle for a few days.  I am meeting a friend of mine from Denver there, and we will be wrestling with two or three guys from the OK City area.  One of the guys I am going to wrestle, TheMan1984, is a guy that I have been looking forward to meeting for several years.  I'm just sorry it took me this long to get over to OK City.  He has texted me and sent me some short videos of himself.  He seems like a cool guy and I think he'll be a lot of fun to wrestle.

I am also set to go to the DC area at the end of May.  This will be a work trip, so I am sort of constrained on time and place.  I will be in a class all day, but at night, I wrestle.  I've got matches set up with a variety of guys that I've either wrestled before, or (in one case) a guy that I've wanted to wrestle for years.  Yes, I have a bucket list, and I am hopefully about to mark one guy off it.

Fingers crossed that they don't cancel the class!!

How about you guys?  Anyone getting any good matches out there?  I'd love to hear about them.  Tell me your fantasy, and I'll add it to Middleboro if you'd like.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Middleboro Part 13

Sorry this has taken a while to post but I've had some family issues come up and got sort of distracted.  This part is a little shy on sex but stick with me 'cause Jack and Chris are about to do sex battle with the creature in the sewers of Middleboro.

Meanwhile, check out some of the drawings I have posted with this episode.  In an earlier post I asked if anyone would be interested in illustrating some of the scenes in Middleboro and a guy who does bazotterwrestlingpics on Yahoo Groups has expressed an interest.  I am really happy, because his stuff is totally hot.  You really need to check it out if you like erotic wrestling drawings in any way.  (I love them.)

Jack had a bit of a time squeezing into the open storm drain.  The old, crumbly concrete was rough and left a red scrap across his stomach where he’d slid in.  Chris struggled, too, dangling his legs over the edge while Jack tried ineffectually to help him in.

“Wait!  Wait!  Don’t pull me!”  Chris’ voice sounded constricted.  “I think I’m stuck.  Oh shit…I think I’m really stuck.”

Jack could feel that Chris was starting to panic, and he grasped Chris’ thighs and held him steady, hoping to calm him.  But it only made things worse.

“Don’t pull me!”

“I’m not!  I’m just holding on to you.”

Chris struggled to control his breathing.  “Oh God, Jack.  I’m stuck half way in this damned storm drain.  Oh shit. Oh shit Oh shit.”


“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…”

“Chris!  Stop it!  Just calm down.  Please, just…calm…down…”

“I’m stuck…”

“You’re not stuck.  I got through and I’m as wide as you are.”

“No, you’re not.  I’m bigger than you.  Have you seen my pecs lately? Why did I work on my pecs so much?  Oh, Jesus, Jack, I worked on my pecs!  I did bench presses like fucking crazy!  I’ll never get out!”

“I’ve seen your pecs.  Mine are as big as yours.”

“No, they’re not.  Why did I work my pecs?  My trainer said I should work legs more.  Why didn’t I listen?”

Jack had had enough. He caught hold of Chris’ ankles and yanked.  Chris scraped through, falling forward.  Jack caught him as best he could, but they both ended up in a heap, lying in about a half a foot of water.

Chris pushed himself up on his forearms with a look of relief that quickly turned to anger.  “You son-of-a-bitch!  You could have killed me!  And look at my stomach!  I’ve got a scrap across my abs.  Damn it, Jack!  It’s just about summer and I like to go without a shirt.  I look like a cat got me…”


“It stings, too…”

“Chris!  Come on, man!  Get a hold of yourself!  We’re climbing down into a sewer to fight a monster from hell and you’re worried about your fucking tee shirt?’

Chris sat up on his knees and examined his abs a little more.  “Ouch.”

Jack got to his feet and patted Chris on the head.  “Yeah, I got scratched up, too.  But let’s try and concentrate a little here, okay?  That thing has Fos and my brother and God knows who else.  And…and we don’t even know if there are more than one of it.  There could be a whole colony of those things down here…”

Chris got to his feet and steadied himself on Jack’s shoulder.  “Colony?  I…I…hadn’t thought about that…”

Jack hadn’t really thought about that much either.  How did he know that there was only one of those things down there in the sewer?  If there was one, didn’t there have to be more?  And what would they do when they found it…or them?  How could they keep from cumming all over themselves?

Jack ran a hand through his hair and contemplated the narrow tunnel that led off into the dark.  It was only about five feet high, so he’d have to stoop to make it through.  But it wasn’t so much the height of the tunnel that bothered him.  It was the darkness.  An inky blackness seemed to condense in the concrete confines of the tunnel, and Jack imagined all sorts of sexual fantasies waiting for him there.  Sexual fantasies that would over-come his strength and will-power and force him to ejaculate.  And then what?  What happened next?  He would loose consciousness only to…never awake again?  Or would he regain his senses only to find himself a prisoner of that thing, that monster?

A touch on his arm made Jack recoil, but it was just Chris, reaching out.  “Don’t…don’t do that!  Jesus…!”

“I’m sorry!  Sorry!  I was just trying to calm you…you know, sympathize.”  Chris had a look on his face that Jack had not seen in a very long time.  A look of love and concern.  “I’m scared, too, Jack.”

Jack nodded.  “Yeah.”  He suddenly noticed that his mouth was dry.  “Man, Chris.  What are we doing?  Maybe we should go and find someone.  Get someone to help us.”

“Yeah.  A search party.  The police.  The army.  The National Guard.  The Marines.  Seal Team Six.”

“I guess in this case they should be Seal Team Sex, huh?”

They both managed a laugh at that, but only barely.

A voice.  From deep within the tunnel.  Echoing down the long concrete sewer pipe.

Jack looked at Chris.  “Was that David?  I think that was David?”

Jack stooped over and entered the tunnel, splashing in the half foot or so of water at the bottom.  Chris started in after him, and they both rushed down the tunnel as fast as they could, backs bent, feet wet, stumbling over stray rocks and, at one point, a large branch.  Then they emerged into a large room.  Above them, a small grate exposed a slash of dark sky.  Water dripped down from the ceiling somewhere, and they stopped to catch their breath.

“There’s another tunnel over there,” said Jack.  “It’s larger than the last one.  We won’t have to stoop over.”  Jack splashed through the water and entered the tunnel.  The darkness was more intense, more complete there, and he hesitated just past the threshold.  Looking back, Chris picked his way across the open room toward the tunnel.

“Maybe we should think about this, Jack.  It’s so dark in there…”

A rattling clang filled the tunnel and the room and Jack took a step back as a large, heavy metal grate closed him off from Chris.  He was trapped inside the tunnel. 

“Chris!  Chris!”  Jack splashed back to the metal grate and shook it violently with both hands.  It squeaked and moaned but would not move.  “I’m trapped in here.”

“Jack, I think I’m trapped, too,” said Chris.  “The exit back through the little tunnel is closed off, too.”

“How is that possible?  Who or what could have caused those gates to close like that?  It doesn’t…it just doesn’t make sense.”  Jack shook the gate again.

Chris hugged himself as though he was suddenly cold.  He didn’t have a shirt, so it made sense.  But Jack suspected that he wasn’t cold.  Just afraid.

“We’ll be alright,” said Jack.  “We fought this thing at Spanky’s.  We can do it again.”

“Where is Spanky, by-the-way,” said Chris, his voice shaking with fear.  “Where did he go?  He never followed us into the sewer.”

“Can you blame him?”

Chris shook his head slowly.  “N-n-no…”

A voice echoed down the tunnel behind Jack.  He frantically turned to face the darkness and it was like a wall before him.  No, not a wall.  A living, breathing thing, animate and calculating.  He knew now.  It was waiting on him.  Waiting on him to walk down that dark corridor and face his darkest sexual fantasies.  If Jack ever wanted to see David again, he would have to face it.  He would have to face it, and defeat it.

“I love you, Chris.”

Jack splashed away from the grate into the darkness and disappeared from sight.