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Sunday, April 21, 2013

WrestleFest 2013 - Oklahoma City

So, I drove over to Oklahoma City this past weekend to wrestle with MTWrestler from Denver, Festgoer from Norman, Oklahoma, and TheMan1984 from Shawnee, Oklahoma.  This was one of those trips where you just jump in the car, drive for five or six hours, and then wrestle.  In my case, first off, I wrestled The Man1984--a guy I've been wanting to meet for a few years now.  The Man had been texting me and sending me videos of himself so I was pumped and ready to take him on.  Strangely, he was better looking in person than he was in pics or video.  He has a really nice body.  Big arms.  Big legs.  And he's fun to wrestle.

He likes to be put out, too, and I did that for him.  That is not something I do often, if at all.  You really, really have to be careful with that sort of thing.  And I mean it, kids.  If someone asks you to do that for them, hold onto them tightly when they are out.  Make sure they do not hit their head or fall to the floor.   This is extremely important advice.  Please take it.

In the pictures above you see MT wrestling Festygoer and MT wrestling The Man.  Festygoer is an amazingly fun guy.  He's quite young, has a very cute face, and is a load of fun to wrestle.  I really enjoyed him.  He's so sweet and loves to be made a jobber.  Although with me, since we were more evenly matched, he wrestled like crazy.  I liked that a lot. 

That's me putting the hurt on MT.  For such a big, strong guy, MT is a real mensch when it comes to wrestling smaller guys.  He will put some moves on you, but he also is good at letting a smaller guy get the advantage.  I've always had a great time wrestling him, and this past weekend was no exception.  Things got pretty intense as the evening progressed and MT was a great catalyst for--shall we say--everyone opening up.

Of course, I love being put into a hold like you see above and having my cock worked over.  In fact, I think this is one of my favorite wrestling "poses."  I love to see a guy bent over a knee and worked over.  There is something about the helplessness of the whole thing, the way you are laid out for everyone to see, that gets me going. 

The pic above is one of my personal favorites from the weekend.  Festy is getting worked over pretty good by MT and you get a nice look at Festy's smooth chest.  That kid is so much fun to wrestle.  Such a great attitude.  You can tell he's having such a wonderful time.  If you go to Oklahoma City, you really need to contact him.  He works a lot, so don't be upset if he's not available.  And you might have to drive to him as I don't think he has a car.  But he's well worth the trip. 

I can't believe there are no pics of me wrestling Festy or The Man!  Why didn't we take any?


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