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Sunday, May 12, 2013


Over the last several months, I've talked about the possibility of me trying out various submissive and dominant scenarios.  I'm a lucky guy in the respect that I have friends who are willing to work with me on these things and whom I can trust. 

Trust is definitely the key factor.  To allow another person to tie you up and basically have their way with you, you have to trust that person a great deal.  I decided, this past weekend, to see if I could do that.  It turns out, I can, to an extent.

This past week has been sort of tough.  I was in a car wreck on Wednesday that scared me quite a bit.  It also screwed up my back and arm.  Friday night, my left arm just sort of quit working, and I was a little nervous that I'd really hurt it.  But, when I awoke Saturday morning, it was sore, but okay.  So I drove to Texas to meet up with my friend.  Is it significant that I wrestled my friend, and he tied me up and abused me, and my back and arm did not hurt once?  In fact, my back did not bother me until I put on my shoes to leave.  I guess my mind was on other things.

Anyway, trust was a big part of what I experienced.  My friend, let's call him Mister G, is extremely well-built.  Plenty strong, but not really any bigger than me.  In fact, that was part of the turn-on in all this to me.  I had a chance to beat him, and to escape, but he over-powered me and had his way with me (all with my consent).

Here's my captor.  He's hot, isn't he? 

I've never really done this sort of thing before, so I'd like to tell you what I experienced.  I think this can be a fun thing to add to your sexual life, but you have to know a little about what it entails.  For instance, you really do need to know the person you are with and be able to trust that individual.  You should maybe spend a little time talking about what each of you wants.  We did.  And, of course, you should establish a safe word.  Although for us, I was just going to say flat-out--please stop.  But I never did.

We started out wrestling.  We love each others bodies, and wrestling Mr. G is as much about feeling his well-defined muscles, as trying to pin him.  He's stronger than I am, but on that Saturday morning, I decided that I would not even really try to win.  I wouldn't just give up, but I was determined to be dominated.  Mister G gladly dominated me. 

Once I admitted his dominance on the mats, he led me into his bedroom where he fondled me and worked to put me at ease.  I was a little nervous.  Again, this was new to me.  And slowly he got me to relax and then blindfolded me.

Surprisingly, it was harder for me to relax than I'd thought it would be.  He bound my arms, and then my legs, and quietly explored my body.  He applied what felt like feathers to me and ran his hands over me, all the while reminding me that I was his. 

I did not enjoy all this as much as I wanted to.  I think the inability to see him sort of dampened the sexuality of it.  I am (apparently) very visual, and when he finally removed the blindfold and made me look at myself in the mirror, I started getting a lot hotter. 

The infliction of pain can be a big part of all this, and I'm not too crazy about it.  He put me across his lap--which I liked--and then spanked me.  I did not enjoy the spanking so much and I found it hard to keep an erection when he did that.  I think the play humiliation and helplessness are more of a turn on for me than the true infliction of any physical discomfort.  And we talked about that afterwards.

One of the things he did which I found oddly erotic was to put a necklace around my neck.  I liked that feeling of him owning me.  Of his advertising that I had given into him.  That appears to be a sexual fantasy that I like. The picture above is erotic to me also.  Here I knee before him, a leather belt around my neck.

Here's a better view of the necklace. 

So, am I a submissive?  Not really.  I don't think this is something that comes naturally to me.  I really want to play this scene out again, but this time I want to be the dom.  I have a chance to do that this coming week with a guy from here in my town.  I also have a chance to do this with a really hot guy later this summer.  But I think I need to practice.  I learned a lot from Mister G this weekend.  I learned how to allow a guy to relax.  To reassure him that you are there to facilitate a fantasy, not to hurt.  I learned to take it slowly, and to build up to the more intense scenes.  I also learned that it's important to gauge what turns your sub on.  My turn-ons are visual and tactile.  I like having his hands on me while I cannot respond.  And I like seeing him when he does it.  He has such great arms--I like the look of his biceps and deltoids as they contact and elongate when he is in the process of running his hands over me.

Will I do this again with Mister G?  Yes, absolutely.   Should you try it?  I would give that a qualified yes.  It depends on what you want in a sexual experience.  If this sort of thing is part of a recurring sexual fantasy, then I think you should search for someone to help you explore it.  Maybe that person is me. 


  1. Ah... my kind of fantasy. Wrestling follow by winner takes all... and quite mild too. Instead of spanking... you can discuss stretching, tying you up in uncomfortable yet erotic positions. It would be like being helplessly man-handle in submission hold, I think that is the kind of "pain" you would like. There is a wide range of things you can do in BDSM beyond just whips & paddles, if you truly explore.

    Blindfold is not for everyone, for some it better to see what is done to you but not able to resist. Mirrors are great.

    I suggest cum control &/or milking, since wrestling is a big thing. First have him do stuff that turn you on while you resist getting turn on. Follow by cum control when you eventually breaks down & beg to cum.

  2. Hmmmmm... I like that idea. Thanks, hope to explore it the next time :)