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Monday, May 6, 2013

Middleboro Chapter 16

Here it is, chapter 16 with pictures by Bazotter.  Hope you enjoy it!

Chris stood in the increasingly cold water and looked around the open chamber.  A dull light fell onto him from the grate far above and he suddenly felt very alone.

Jack had disappeared down the dark tunnel behind the iron grate.  It had been shocking to see how quickly Jack had been swallowed by that gaping maw of a hole, and Chris leaned on the iron grate and tried to peer into the blackness beyond.  But there was nothing.  No sound.  No light.  Nothing.  It was as if Jack had disappeared from the earth entirely.

Chris turned and sloshed through the water toward the opposite end of the chamber to the tunnel where he and Jack had entered.  He would head back to the surface.  Find Spanky.  Find help.

Suddenly, the room was filled with the awful metal grating of another iron gate falling.  The tunnel where Chris was headed was suddenly closed off.  He was trapped in the chamber beneath the streets of Middleboro. 

He stood there, breathing hard, his leather pants suddenly feeling constraining and so damned hot.  He wanted to strip them off, he was sweating so badly.  So he did, draping them over an extended pipe.  He was standing there in nothing.  He hadn’t been wearing underwear.  And it suddenly occurred to him that being naked was probably not the best thing to do since obviously he was going to have to face the creature sooner or later.

Sooner, it seemed.

Above him, he saw a dark shape.  Two red eyes suddenly opened and Chris realized that the thing had been waiting for him, crouched in a dark corner, far from the fitful light provided by the grate above.  Chris backed up, but he was up against the cold concrete of the chamber and realized that he had very little room to maneuver. 

The thing extended its legs and Chris saw that it was like some sort of spider.  A shining strand of web or saliva or cum, he couldn’t tell which, allowed the bulk of the thing to lower slowly from the ceiling.  Chris shook with fear, and bounded back along the wall as the thing let go and splashed into the water, which suddenly seemed much higher than it had been.

And it was.  The water had been only a few inches deep but now it came up to Chris’ thighs, leaving his cock exposed just above the water line. 

The water was clear but there was little light and Chris couldn’t tell where the thing was.  It had to be under the water just in front of him and he braced himself for it to attack.  He brought up his fists and got in his stance.  But he was shaking violently.  Terrified. 

He stood and waited and waited and waited.  Nothing.  Where had it gone?  Chris looked at the water but it was so dark in the chamber he just couldn’t see.  And, strangely, he was getting hard.  His cock was becoming erect and Chris glanced down to see that something was on him. 

He panicked.  He brushed frantically at his cock. Something was on it, massaging his shaft.  Cupping his balls.  He couldn’t quite see what it was, but it felt good.  Too damned good.  He plunged his hands into the water and felt but there was nothing there.  What the hell? 

Then, with a jerk, he was pulled under.  Something had him.  The thing had taken on the shape of something slimy and wet and tentacled.  They were thick, muscular things, like cocks, each grasping him like a snake.  One encircled his waist.  Another caught hold of one arm.  Another pulled a leg from underneath him.  Yet another clamped onto his cock and balls and squeezed.  Yet another felt for his ass. 

He fought to get his head up out of the water and gulped for air as he broke the surface.  The thing was on him, holding him in its steel-like grip.  He fought wildly, trying to pry the one tentacle from his arm with his free hand, all the while trying not to think about the thick tentacle that caressed his balls and cock.  Another slithered up and around his neck.  How could he fight something with so many arms?  How could he possibly escape?

Then it truly had him. The tentacle around his neck pulled back on his head while both arms were suddenly pinioned. The tentacle around his waist brought him up, exposing his cock.  Then, out of the water arose a massive figure with a stunningly muscular torso.  For arms it had eight tentacles, writhing fleshy protuberances that each ended in a head like a cock.  Its face was beautiful.  Handsome.  But it leered at Chris in a sexual frenzy and Chris knew that it was going to make him cum.  He was going to be held there in place and worked over until he gave up his spunk to this monster.

Then, he felt it.  The last of the eight tentacles, working its way up between his ass cheeks, feeling its way into his rectum.  He was going to get fucked by this thing.  It was going to jack him off while fucking him.

And it did, too. 

Chris suddenly felt the thick cock-like tentacle drive itself into his ass, hitting that spot just behind the prostrate that felt so damned good.  It was an overwhelming feeling.  One that could have made him cum even without the tentacle wrapped around his cock and balls.  But with both, Chris could feel himself giving in.  Surrendering to this thing.  Willing himself to ejaculate and get it over with.  It would feel so damned good, anyway.  He could almost feel it before it happened.  Feel the tightness in his balls.  The constriction of his cock.  Oh God, he was going to blow.


He wanted Jack. 

God, how he wanted Jack to be there.  To help him.  To free him from this thing. 

He didn’t want to cum and die or whatever it was that happened when you gave into the thing.  He didn’t want to give in.  Not yet.  Not now.  Not ever.

And then, almost instantaneously, the thing dropped him, it’s slimy tentacles receding into the waters.  Chris fell headlong, almost head first, and furiously fought to find his footing and get his head up out of the water. 

He was in that weird, underwater freefall, when he just couldn’t seem to find his footing.  He was near panic.  When an arm caught him, and brought him up.

He was coughing from the water, but he was ready too.  He turned, his fists up.

“Hey!  Hey!  It’s okay, Chris.  It’s okay!”

Chris took a swing.  Another.  He brushed the water from his face and eyes.


Jack was standing there, holding him.  Grinning that stupid grin.


He nodded and smiled.

“Thank God you’re here!” Chris threw himself onto Jack and Jack drew him in, his strong arms around him.  He had never been so happy to see Jack, never been so relieved.  Thank God.  Thank God.  Jack.

Chris drew back.  “What happened to you?  How’d you get back here?”

Jack merely leaned in and kissed Chris, his lips feeling so great.  His warm tongue slipping into Chris’ mouth.  They were both naked.  Both hard.  And Chris felt so safe.  So secure.

He tried to pull back, but Jack kept kissing him, working his lips, slightly biting Chris’ lower lip, his tongue sliding gently in and out of Chris’ mouth. Chris was suddenly aware that this was no time to make out.  No time to screw around.  They had to get out of there.  That creature.  That thing.  It was still there in the chamber with them. 

It was still there.

Chris tried to draw back, but Jack would not let up.  Would not let go. 

This wasn’t Jack.


  1. I don't know if anyone has guessed already...but its my xhildhood horror of horror mvies...IT

  2. Right you are. Middleboro is an homage to Stephen King's, IT.