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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Middleboro Part 17

It's time for another episode of Middleboro.  Again, we are graced with a series of pictures provided by Bazotter, and I think you'll like what he has done.  

But, before we get started, a few things:

The tornado in Oklahoma really shook me up.  I was just in Oklahoma last month wrestling with Festygoer and TheMan1984 (their globalfight handles).  I texted TheMan and he finally texted me back.  So he's okay.  But I still haven't heard anything from Festygoer.  He lives in Norman, which is just south of Oklahoma City.  I think Norman was spared but I'm not sure.  If anyone knows him, please let me know if he is ok.

I was strangely deluged with offers to wrestle this week.  The therapist wanted to get together again, and an old friend from here in town wanted to get together.  Then I heard from another guy whom I'd wrestled a few years ago who wanted to wrestle.  And, just as strangely, I had the house all to myself all week!  Guess what?  They all cancelled on me.  I wasn't too bummed as regards the therapist, but everyone else too?  Really?  Cruel fate.

Okay, on to Middleboro.


Jack felt his balls contracting, and his cock aching as the creature turned around, holding Jack across it’s back and displaying him for the crowd.  They were all indistinct faces, bronzed, muscular bodies, and huge cocks.  Many of them were stroking themselves.  Some were in the act of ejaculation, their huge sprays of white cum spattering the canvas of the ring and even hitting Jack on the forehead.

He couldn’t give in to this thing.  He had to fight it, had to find a way to beat it at its own game. 

But how?  The thing had taken on the guise of Derrick, Jack’s high school rival and tormenter.  Jack had never beaten Derrick, never been able to take him down and pin him in wrestling, and certainly had never been able to best him off the mats. 

Worse, Jack was so horny.  So worked up by the stimulation of the match.  The laughter of the crowd.  The humiliation of losing to his worst enemy.  It was all straight out of one of Jack’s masturbatory day-dreams.  He’d thought of this very scenario many times.  Jacked off to it, all the while hating himself for using Derrick as stimuli to pleasure.

He had to get away from it.  Had to break this hold. 

And suddenly he was face down on the canvas, Derrick’s foot on the back of his head.  The crowd roared with laughter.  Jack felt more cum hit him.  Derrick was above him, no doubt flexing in victory.

Jack got to his feet, and saw that Derrick was waiting on him.  He caught Jack’s arm and twisted it around behind him, and then leaned Jack over so that he could reach in between Jack’s legs and grab Jack’s balls.  Jack could feel Derrick’s scorn.  Feel his contempt.  But he could also feel Derrick’s big hand on his balls, squeezing and massaging them.

Then Derrick took Jack down to the mats.  He rolled Jack over and sat across his chest, Derrick’s big cock in Jack’s face.  The tip oozed pre-cum and Derrick wiped it across Jack’s lips and slapped Jack across the face a few times.  Jack tried to bridge up, and get Derrick off him, but Derrick adjusted his weight and then leaned in, cupping his hands behind Jack’s head.  Slowly he pulled Jack’s face into his hot, wet crotch and Jack had Derrick’s cock and balls in his face, against his lips. 

Derrick held Jack there for a bit and then moved down so his body covered Jack’s.  He was covered in sweat and he began working his body up and down against Jack’s cock.  Jack felt like his blood-pressure had sky-rocketed.  His whole body seemed about to explode in a spasm of hot, milky cum.  His breath came in short gasps, as he worked to get out from under Derrick.  But Derrick laughingly re-adjusted each time Jack moved so that their cocks were solidly against each other’s and Derrick’s was rubbing Jack’s with a fierce, almost mechanical precision.

Jack had never experienced anything this overwhelmingly sexual before.  He’d had sex plenty of times but never anything like this.  It felt so damned good, so great, but he knew that once he let go and shot that he would probably pass out as he’d done in Spanky’s basement.  His mind and his body fought not only to escape Derrick, but also itself as he wavered between giving in and fighting on.

And then that voice.  That odd, disembodied voice that scratched at his mind like fingernails.

“Give in.  That’s right.  Submit to me.  Don’t resist.  Just let it go.”

On and on the creature worked on Jack from every possible angle.  It was in his head, using his thoughts, his fantasies against him.  But, that was it, then, wasn’t it?  Jack was fueling its power.  Making it stronger.

He closed his eyes and began to think of something non-sexual.  Anything.  His Aunt Edna.  Work.  Mowing the yard.  Scenes and faces flashed through his mind and then…he sat up.

He was in total darkness on a cold concrete floor.  Derrick and the ring were gone.  So was the laughing crowd.

Jack’s balls and cock ached, and he wanted to jack off badly.  But he knew now that he could fight this thing.  That he could control it.  He got to his feet.  He was a little shaky.  Soaked in sweat. 

He had to find David.  But which way should he go?  He couldn’t see anything.  Wasn’t even sure where he’d entered this wide area in which he seemed to find himself.  He felt that he had to be in a large room.  Reaching up, he could not feel the ceiling.  Feeling ahead, there was no wall. 

So he walked forward, slowly, feeling his way, waiting for the next attack from the creature and wondering if he would ever find David…or Chris, again.

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  1. Wow you and Bazotter have done it again. Hard and horny. Loving the new profile photo. Hope your friend in Oklahoma is ok.