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Friday, June 14, 2013


I kept getting them.

Sometimes two, maybe three a day.  Long, incredibly specific emails detailing various scenarios.  How I would dominate him.  What I would say.  How we would wrestle first.  How I would establish myself as his master. 

I would be at work, trying to concentrate, when my iPhone would ping and I'd know that I had another email, either from him or Expedia.  Jesus, Expedia sends a lot of emails.  But then, so does he.  His are a lot more interesting. 

I'd click on the email and read.  As I said, they were long emails.  Several big blocks of text.  No pics.  Just detailed descriptions of what he wanted me to do, and what he wanted to do to me.

I was somewhat gratified to see that he had incorporated wrestling into his fantasies.  The first time we'd met, we'd wrestled but only briefly.  He knew that I wanted to roll longer.  So, he was attempting to accommodate me.  I could see it.  And I appreciated it.  Meant he wasn't completely self-centered about all this stuff.

So, I agreed to meet him again.

He asked me to come to his house this time.  Last time, we wrestled in his office, believe it or not.  This time I drove out to his place after work.  It was a beautiful summer day.  Bright sunshine.  Clear skies.  He lived out from town, down a winding country road.  The drive took about twenty minutes, and as I drove, I began to have some second thoughts about the whole thing.  I hadn't really enjoyed our first meeting that much.  I liked the wrestling.  I thought that was fun, but the rest of it--the humiliation, the face slapping, the name calling -all seemed a bit forced on my part.    But, I told myself that I was going to just go with it and see how it went.

He has a nice house.  Very large, and new, situated in a wooded area.  His house cannot be seen from the road, and he has a large room over his garage that is just perfect for wrestling.  When I arrived, he spent quite a bit of time recounting how his dog had recently died.  That obviously bothered him quite a bit.  Then, sort of out of the blue, he wanted to strip down and wrestle.

We did, and he got down on the carpet in the coach's position, and we went at it.  He's bigger than me--every one is--and out-weighs me by a good thirty pounds, but we rolled around and around, and first he had me down, then I escaped and got him down.  As I worked my way around him, I ran the top of my foot across the carpet and got the worst carpet burn I've had in a long time.

I won't recount exactly what all happened between us.  It was very sexual, and satisfying in some respects.  I wish he were better looking.  He's just not that appealing.  But, it was ok.

When we got done, he started talking...about his family, his prior experiences, and how he'd been trying to read the Bible all the way through.  He didn't appear to be religious,  I think he was just curious what was in the darned thing.  He told me a little about what he'd read, and I think he was surprised that I knew quite a bit about what he was telling me.  I told him that Southern Boys always know their Bible, that's why we're so good at mis-interpreting it!

So, anyway, I slowly figured out that he was sort of hard-of-hearing.  He kept asking me to repeat myself, or he'd just give me this unreadable look when I said something.  I started speaking louder.

So, again, I say, I don't think I'll go back.  I would love to use that big room as a wrestling room, but I'd rather wrestle someone else.

I am still working on Middleboro.  It's just taking me a while.  I will be wrestling a guy from Illinois next week.  I hope that's fun.  Then the week after, I fly to New England for work.  I am set to wrestle a guy in Boston that I have wanted to wrestle a long time.  So, I hope that is fun, too.