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Monday, July 29, 2013

Looking For My Ideal Man

So, I went to see Pacific Rim.  It was not very good.  In fact, it was sort of terrible.  For some reason, no matter where the robots were in the Pacific Ocean, the water always only came up to their waists.  The monsters were always filmed at night in the rain, so you could rarely get a good view of them, and for some reason they seemed to favor day-glow colors.  And the ending was stolen from Independence Day.

But, putting all that aside, Charlie Hunnam was worth the price of admission.  I’m not sure what it is with me and blonde guys, but I really do like them.  Give me a blonde guy, about five-foot eight and one hundred-and-fifty pounds and I am in heaven.  I’m sure Charlie is much taller than 5’8” and weighs more than one fifty, but in my mind he’s my size and wants to wrestle.

I wrestled today.  I had sort of sworn off wrestling lately but this is a guy who lives here in town and has his own place.  The logistics were too easy to pass up.  Too, he’s about my height and certainly no stronger than me.  So, I like that too. 

He’s not that great looking – body-wise.  He does not work out and he’s hairy in a chaotic sort of way.  But, he’s fun to wrestle with.  In fact, he represents the sort of wrestling I prefer these days.  Wrestling a guy about my size who is comparable in strength to me. 

To be honest, I got into wrestling – real, honest-to-God wrestling—because I wanted to meet someone my size who was fun to wrestle.  After wrestling about sixty different guys in the last five years, I can tell you that I never did find that guy.  I did not find my ideal man.  I met a guy who approximated the size/blonde hair thing – but we just did not hit it off.  

So, instead of finding my ideal, I met…a bunch of normal guys.  Yeah, normal, not always perfectly shaped guys who were, all-in-all, pretty fun to wrestle.  Granted, I have hit a spell of duds lately.  Guys that I just did not enjoy.  But looking back over the last few years of wrestling, on the whole, I’ve had a pretty good time.

One thing I’ve found about my fellow guys is that generally speaking they are quite hairy.  There are a lot of guys who have plenty of chest hair and, yes, even back hair.  I don’t really mind that, although I think I prefer someone who is smooth.  In fact, that is a fact.  I do like smooth guys better.  But, if I had excluded all the hairy guys over the last few years, I would have missed out on some fun wrestling and some really nice guys.

Another thing I’ve found is that there aren’t many guys who are blonde.  Most people are dark-headed – or given my age—gray.  I don’t mind gray.  It can be pretty attractive, actually.  And I don’t really mind dark hair.  I do prefer a guy with a short, athletic cut, but, again, if I’d stuck to that as a prerequisite, I would have missed some great times.  One of my favorite people to wrestle has dreds.  That is about as far from short and blonde as hair can get.  And he’s extremely sexy.

What I have not liked is that recently I have strayed a bit too much into the world of bondage.  The psychologist I told you guys about a while back continues to email me.  His emails are extremely detailed, and quite honestly, hot.  He has even modified his fantasies to include more wrestling.  But, he is also into restraints and even having a woman present.  I’m not willing to do that.  And I have begun to withdraw somewhat from the whole I-wonder-what-it-would-be-like-to-be-bound thing.  I found out and I’ve decided I don’t really like it.

Side note:  Mr. X in Texarkana – this does not apply to you.

So, here I sit on a Monday at the end of July.  I have just returned from wrestling and it was good.  We did not wrestle as much as I wanted, although he was much more aggressive with me than he has been in the past.  I’m about to go to the gym and lift for a while, then I’ll return home and grill chicken breasts for the week’s lunches and make a big pot of brown rice and veggies.

And I will continue to look at pictures of guys like Charlie Hunnam and wonder what it might be like to meet and wrestle with a guy who looks like that.  I might even jack off.  I’ve got the house to myself.  Why not?


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  1. Hi John
    If you really want to get off on Charlie Hunnam check out the uk first series of 'queer as folk' his first major role here. He is smoking hot and so so sexy. Also Aiden Gillen is great as the arrogant but super sexy lead.