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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who's Got the Muscle?

My output has fallen off quite a bit, hasn’t it?  That was not intentional.  My real life just seems to get in the way of my wrestling life, sometimes.  It’s annoying, really, but also somewhat unavoidable.

This has been one of the most unbelievably beautiful summers we’ve had done south in quite a while.  I know some of the country has gotten too much rain, but down here we’ve gotten just enough and we’ve had several cool days.  Not exactly typical August weather. 

Man, it would have been great to get out in the backyard and wrestle.  You know, strip off your shirt and wrestle with your buddy on the cool grass.  Maybe under a full moon.  I’d howl.

But, I have not done any wrestling in a while.  I’ve had a few people contact me and ask to wrestle, but unfortunately they’ve contacted me on the day they’ve shown up in town.  You guys know how that is.  You can’t always shake loose and run off to wrestle.  It takes at least a little planning.

Lately I’ve been re-evaluating this blog.  I think I might have hurt a few feelings with some of my recent posts.  That was not my intention.  I’ve never meant to offend anyone. 

That may be the reason I have not written much lately.  I’d forgotten that I can’t write just anything in these posts.  I have to keep in mind that people I’ve wrestled read them.  The bad thing it that several of the matches I’ve had over the last few months have not been that much fun.  I’ve talked about those—for the most part—so I won’t re-hash all that.

[Note: No every match I’ve had recently was unpleasant.  The weekend in Memphis was fun.]

But my point is that it has made me a bit gun-shy about writing. 

I am not giving up on wrestling.  A friend of mine called me the other day.  He’s had a rough time of it the last half year or so, but he wound up consoling me more than I consoled him.  He mentioned that he was worried I’d lost my enthusiasm for wrestling. 

I haven’t.  Not yet.  Although it has been dented a bit. 

I still want to strip down and wrestle guys.  I still want to feel their strength against mine.  I still want to oil up and feel our bodies pressed up against each other as we roll and turn and try to control each other.  I want my hard cock working against a firm set of abs.  I want to flex my biceps and attempt to intimidate my opponent.

And I will.  It will happen again.

I’ll just have to wait out this lean time until it does.

And I will watch what I write.  I’m going to be truthful.  I have to be that.  Otherwise, why keep this blog at all?  If I can’t express myself here, in these posts, then I’m back to where I was originally.  Locked inside my mind.  Unable to talk about my experiences.  Unable to try and work out my desires.  My likes and dislikes.  Unable to express my unbridled joy at getting to wrestle a hot guy.  Unable to speak about what moves me the deepest.

So, I will keep wrestling.  And I will keep writing.

But I’ll edit myself at least enough not to hurt anyone’s feelings.


  1. Great to hear you're ok John. Have been concerned but didn't know how to contact in this case to check you were ok. Are we getting some more middlebro? Have been missing my fix. Keep up the great life stories as well.

  2. But John, the point of a blog, of a diary, of writing is to get it all out there. It's not fiction. It's not always pretty. But it has to be honest. Right?