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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why We Fight

In 1941, shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl harbor, the United States government commissioned the director, Frank Capra, to film a series of short movies that would explain to the American people why they were compelled to fight in World War II.  Capra, the director of such classics as Mr. Smith Goes to Washington  and It's a Wonderful Life, turned out a series of films that mixed animation and live-action film that were intended to galvanize the home front and motivate the American people to fight.

Well, no one has commissioned me, but I want to try and urge you to define, for yourself, why you want to wrestle.  Why you want to strip off your shirt and come to grips--literally--with your fellow man.

The pic at the top of this post is as good an advertisement for wrestling as anything I can think of.  It captures a lot of the basic aspects of our fetish--our sport.  Granted, the clean-cut young guy above may not be everyone's perfect wrestling date.  I know some guys prefer a hairy chest or a larger guy.  Maybe you think only pro wrestlers are really hot.  But, that is not the point.  The point is that we can use a pic like that above to start a conversation about why we want to do what we do.

Undeniably, there is something about a muscular male.  We love to look at them in their tight jeans, their briefs, their fight shorts, their...well...nothing.  The male form, when it has been enhanced by exercise and good diet is a thing to behold.  And a thing to be held.  Tightly, in a headlock.

There is something primal about the male form.  Something that draws our eyes and makes us get hard.  On some basic level, it's actually hard to see why a guy turns us on as opposed to a girl.  They both have the same flesh.  The same eyes.  But with guys, it is the promise of strength, of masculinity, of fellowship and friendship.  It is an arm around your shoulder.  A big hand on your ass.  It is a bicep flexed until it wants to pop and two rounded pecs just aching to be worked over.

It is a round, bubble butt.  Two thick, hairy legs.  It is childhood re-lived and adolescence re-awakened.

Wrestling is about getting to know someone.  Really getting to understand a person.  There is a reason why guys on wrestling teams hang on each other.  They are used to the feel of another man's body, and they are unafraid of the touch.  They understand that it means something more than just sexual desire.  It means friendship.  It means maleness.

We, as adults.  Especially, gay male adults, want that in our lives.  We seek out other men like ourselves who want to bond on some level.  We are not necessarily looking for boyfriends.  We are instead searching for the companionship that the ancient Greeks took for granted.  The closeness that comes with physical exertion.  The bonding that follows a well fought battle.

We fight.  We box.  We wrestle.  We get each other in holds and taunt each other.

We fight.  Not because we hate.  Not because we are angry.  But because we are seeking a better form of friendship.  A more pure form of male bonding.

So we fight.


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  1. Good stuff man. Deep. Thoughtful...and true