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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Slow Start

Okay, it's tough getting back into the swing of things.


Hitting the gym?

Naw.  Those are easy.

Finding someone to wrestle?

Surprisingly easy these days.

No, it's the writing that isn't coming like it has in the past.  I find it really difficult to sit down and bang out a few paragraphs.

I blame work, because, well, I always blame work.  It's that big ugly thing that gets in the way of my fantasy life.  I gotta work.  Gotta produce.  But I really just want to work out and wrestle and play.

On another note:  there is a guy here in town named PSKBOB that I have been trying to meet up with for the longest time.  We planned a meeting a few months back, and then things just did not work out.  But, finally, we met last Saturday.

It was a lot of fun.  PSKBOB is taller than me and weighs more, but we make a great match.  There was a ton of give-and-take and the issue was always in doubt--which is exactly the way I like it.

And, he's a nice guy, too.  Very personable and easy to talk to.

Next Saturday, he and I are going over to Joran's - a guy I met on Meetfighters - who has his own place.   The three of us are going to (hopefully) wrestle. 

I say hopefully, because you never know if guys are going to hit it off.  Joran and PSKBOB have not met before.  So there is the possibility that they may not like each other.  But I hope they do.  I really can't think of any reason why either of them shouldn't become best friends. 

And it would be really cool to have a place to wrestle and multiple guys to wrestle.  That would be like fucking great! 

But I'm not getting my hopes up too high about all this.  Every time in the past guys around here have attempted to organize a wrestling club, it has not worked out.  There always seems to be an issue between two of the guys.  Someone doesn't like someone else - and they won't show unless that person isn't there. 

Arrrgg!!  Drives me crazy. 

Wrestlers, you gotta stop that behavior.  Wrestle, damn you! 

Anyway, so things look promising just now.  I'll let you guys know how the meet goes next week.  And, if anyone is interested in joining the group - even if it's just a one time thing - contact me.  Let's go wrestle!!!

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