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Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Superhero Unmasked and Defeated

A recurring fantasy of mine is to wrestle someone whom I should be able to beat, but who turns the tables on me.  Whenever I see a story that someone has written about this sort of thing, and guys who write stories about wrestling fantasies write about this sort of thing fairly regularly, it usually involves the debasement of a superhero.  The hero races in to battle the villain, only to have the villain pull some under-handed trick that renders the hero helpless.  He is then stripped of his uniform and mask, and then sexually tortured.

I've always wanted to recreate that scenario, but to tell the truth, I've never really done much role play.  Once, quite a few years ago, I wrestled a guy who lived in Memphis who was into role playing.  He was extremely handsome and wanted to be the hero.  I was assigned the role of the evil villain.  We wrestled at his house, and I subdued him and then made him my slave for the afternoon.

There is something very satisfying about watching a muscular guy humbled and tied up.  Forced to do your bidding.

I think this all goes back to a wrestling match I had with a guy in High School.  I was in gym class and I was assigned to wrestle this kid who was generally considered to be a book worm.  Funny thing was, I was as much of a book worm as that guy, but I hid it.  Anyway, my friends all wanted me to kick his ass, but when I got on the mats with him, I found that he was an extremely good wrestler.  Very smart and very calm.  He pinned me.

The humiliation that I felt, being pinned to the mats by this guy whom I should have beaten, my friends laughing at me, the coach with that look on his face.  All of that should have been something that I quickly forgot.  But I did not.  It has stayed with me all these years.  I had enjoyed it. I actually wanted to wrestle the kid again. 

But I never did.  And so, I - like a lot of guys - am left with this unsatisfied urge to wrestle and be beaten.

Now, the thing about this scenario that I should point out is that I have to wrestle someone that I should be able to beat.  It has never worked that well with me against guys who are a lot bigger than me.  And I wind up wrestling big guys fairly often. 

No, it needs to be someone more my size. 

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