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Wednesday, April 30, 2014



In the picture above, two stud wrestlers have met in the gym after hours to settle an old score.  The guy in the red singlet is a state champion who has beaten the guy in the blue singlet.  The guy in the red singlet is extremely popular in school and is one of those guys who just always seems to have everything go his way.  The guy in the blue singlet is sick of the red singlet.  He's tired of being beaten.  Tired of how stuck-up red is, how popular and how handsome.

And so they meet.  The match goes well for the red singlet.  He scores points, and is soon ahead.  But blue singlet has other plans.  He goes for red singlet's balls and cock, and starts to work them over through his singlet.  Red singlet tries to pay no attention to it, but soon he grows hard and his cock throbs at each touch from blue singlet.

Points begin to go out the window, as blue singlet gets red in a body scissors and reaches down into red's singlet where he grabs a hand full of cock and balls.  He squeezes and red lets out a low moan - not of pain, but of pleasure.

The, unexpectedly, blue hoists red up and turns him upside down where he uses his bear hug to squeeze the breath from red all the while using his tongue to work red's balls.  Red tries to escape.  Tries to reach around and break blue's hold, but the tongue on his balls is too much and his red singlet grows wet with pre-cum.  His singlet is stretched out exposing his chiseled chest, and his cock grows harder and harder as red realizes that he is trapped and at blue's mercy.

How will this end?

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