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Thursday, April 17, 2014

What's Been Going On?

When I arrived at his hotel room, I knew what to expect.  We had been corresponding for weeks.  We'd sketched out what we wanted from each other and I knew that he intended to dominate me. 

I knocked, sort of tentatively.  He opened the door and he looked just like his pictures.  He wasn't so much bigger than me.  In fact, I had more muscle than him.  I would guess we were within about ten pounds of each other.  He was thin, with a shaved head, and he grinned when he saw me. 

We greeted each other, perfunctorily, and he led me to one side of the room where he stepped back and looked me over.  Then, methodically and slowly, he stripped me of my clothes.  At each stage, he'd step back and admire his work.  I could see that he was hard through his jeans and he snapped pics and grinned at me.  Soon, he had me totally naked.  I flexed a little for him - in order to intimidate him - but it didn't work.  He knew he was going to own me.
He turned me around and I heard him take a few more pics of me, then he was right behind me and I felt his arms around me.  At first is was soft.  An almost loving embrace.  But then he caught me in a bear hug and dragged me to the bed.  He was on me in a flash, me naked and hard, him in just a pair of jeans.  We wrestled back and forth.  I sensed I could beat him.  I was far more muscular than him.

And I turned him over and pinned him to the bed.  But as I was gloating over my victory, he turned the tables. He reached down and began to message my hard cock.  His hand was strong and he worked the head and tip, distracting me.  He had me over and on my back, as he worked my cock, grinning.

"You're weak, little boy," he whispered to me, as he pinned me.  I fought to escape, and was again working over into a position to pin him, when he caught hold of me again and began to jack me.  I tried to fight it off, tried to ignore it, but I was weakening.  He caught me in a reversal and pulled me over and across him so that my back was to his chest.  He pulled my head way back and worked my cock, all the while taunting me for being so weak, so helpless.

Soon, he'd worked me around and clamped chains on my feet.  Again, I fought him, but he worked my cock so skillfully that I collapsed onto the bed.  He then shackled my arms. 

For the next two hours he worked me over.  He used a variety of devices on me.  Brushes, his mouth, his hands, a vibrator.  He edged me and edged me for so long until I begged him to let me cum.  And when I did, it was huge.  A great gush of cum that spurted across the bed and across my chest.

*                       *                       *

The above is a true story.  That was last week.  A week before that I wrestled Rivalwrestler from Texas who came up and did essentially the same thing to me - although he tied me up.

Before that, I made a trip out to Oklahoma City where I wrestled a few different guys.  I had a really good time out there.  Met a nice guy from Witchita who drove all the way down to wrestle with me.  We got out the tarp and wrestled in oil.  I think we had a great time.

And I wrestled another guy in Ok City who came over during lunch, and wrestled with me.  He was pretty hot and he got me in holds where I was immobilized.  Then he'd work my cock like a mad man until I was unable to fight him.


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