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Monday, December 5, 2016

Wrestling as Fetish

Within the gay spectrum, there are innumerable variations on sex.  Gay men find arousal in a variety of ways, and through a variety of fantasies.  Wrestling is one of those, and in many respects, one of the most healthy fetishes.  If one accepts the idea that all sex - excluding that which without consent inflicts pain on another - is beautiful and natural, then wrestling is surely one of the most healthful.

Wrestling is masculine.  In fact, it is one of the truest manifestations of masculine intimacy.  What can be more manly than two men, testing each others physical boundaries, pushing each other to struggle, to dominate, to submit?  Men have always wrestled with each other.  Only within the gay realm is this dominance and submission translated into masculine love and affection.  Only in the act of two men, naked, sweaty, struggling - enthused with respect and friendship and desire - can true masculine love be expressed.

Wrestling is healthy.  It imparts a need to exercise.  To stay in shape.  To be able to mix it up on the mats for more than a few brief moments.  It is a fetish that drives men to the gym to lift weights, to run miles, to do cross-fit and yoga.  It encourages us to eat right.  To think of ourselves as athletes.   Even when we have spent an entire lifetime seeing ourselves as average, non-athletic guys, wrestling gives us the chance to be the jocks that, perhaps, we never were.

Wrestling is courageous.  The very act of stripping down and wrestling another man is an act of courage.  Where in the past, we may have been timid with other men.  Where we might have been unable or unwilling to engage physically with another man, wrestling allows us to experience what a lot of men have always known - that competition is healthy and empowering.  After a wrestling match, even if we lose, we stand a little taller.  We fought. We struggled.  The old stereotypes of the effeminate and weak man are sloughed off and left on the floor along with our sweat, our exhaustion and frequently our cum.

Wrestling is a healthy fetish.  One borne of comradeship and a longing to engage with other men on a level beyond just kissing and fucking. 

Now, get out there and wrestle.

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